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written by owen on 2006-Feb-26.

Chatting to people, especially women online is one of the most counter productive things one can possibly do. I have people on my list that I haven't spoken to in years. Either because they know me or somebody I know in some sorta weird love triangle, square or pentagon. Not to mention the single women, who if you talk to as much in real life, would not be quite so single. The worst comes forth when you start getting stalked by women in foreign countries. You know you can't find women like that in your country so chatting with them is pointless. Its sorta like watching porn. I block them. It not like you can hop over to their house and hit it - so there is no point. Usually I don't even chat with anybody unless I see them on the street or they call me. I haven't gotten a sensible email in weeks. In fact I really don't have anything to talk about anymore. Last week I said good morning to chick on MSN and she said my good morning was "dry". I blocked her - again.

I need to get out more, I said it before. I need a car so bad. I am too good at this internet thing. If you never see me come back online its because I've blocked you - send me an email. Last week I was sitting on the bus beside a girl that I thought I recognized from HI5. 10303181. I could not really remember the exact details, so I had on that "blank" look that I get when I'm doing a deep crawl - in my brain. Plus she was sitting in a unusually weird posture, but anyway she noticed and asked "do you know me from somewhere?" and I said "No, Do I?" (because I totally forget people, really). It was like 9:30 PM and she said "you sat next to me on the bus 2 days ago, with your white headphones". And I said "did I say anything?". And she was like "No". I was like "OK". Not knowing what to say I just kinda nodded for the rest of the conversation. I was close to my stop so I told her that the next time she saw me, she should get my number and email address. My memory of the whole thing is vague. I even forgot to ask her name but names means nothing to me anyway. I wonder if she has any skills.

I have some of the strangest relationships with people. Some people think I hate them but in fact I am just aloof and lacking of drama. Women love drama that is why you know nothing about me. Its not that I'm busy, I just have nothing to say. Either that or I am so focused on what I'm doing that I do not notice that your trying to get my attention. If you see me online and I keep talking about the same thing its because I am multi-tasking or working on something. Because if i try to change the topic while I'm using my brain I'm going to say something stupid - and stupid is as stupid does. Its really hard to constantly come up with new interesting stuff to talk about when the person on the other end are like a vacuum. Free love come and take me.

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  1. dude, sometimes you remind me of Andrew Largeman (before he stops taking the drugs).

    by tristan 2006-Feb-26 

  2. That works both ways!!.....Mind you I'd class being blocked after just one week as a result!

    by Gracie 2006-Feb-27 

  3. owen, have adrink while chatting to women on may find it less counterproductive then! ;-)

    by doctord 2006-Feb-27 

  4. haha, chatting under the influence. totally legal. good point.

    by owen 2006-Feb-27 

  5. re Free love come and take me

    please explain

    by Gods Child 2006-Feb-28 

  6. its a song called "Free Love" by derick james (you can listen to it there). no secret hidden meaning behind that one really.

    by owen 2006-Feb-28 

  7. @Owen, I'm sure your foreign female stalkers will be pleased to know it's not another insult.

    by Gracie 2006-Feb-28 

  8. Yeah, Owen, I agree with you, you need to get out more... ;-) To be honest, if you want a real realtionship, go ah street go look one. You know what you need? A rich chick with a car! Start planning around that! Thats my suggestion...

    by Mad Bull 2006-Feb-28 

  9. oh, thanks for the info

    re women--too bad there's no craigslist in JA. I found a great guy/cat/job there. I'm sure you would have equally pleasant results both of the autmotive and romantic variety.

    re Mad Bull's comment
    "To be honest, if you want a real realtionship, go ah street go look one"

    try church.

    by Gods Child 2006-Mar-01 

  10. @mb a rich chick is hard to find and a real relationship with a woman who sells drugs in jamaica is kinda too hectic for a easy going guy like myself

    @GC we both know that church girls are total prudes who are driven by the need to be accepted kinda like a drug dealer - too much work.

    yeah I need to make a new non-personal site as well for the layman. I have been thinking about it. will do

    by owen 2006-Mar-01 

  11. ow, that smarts. I think I speak for several church girls, at least, when I say, if you look at it that way, maybe church girls would be better off without you.

    by Gods Child 2006-Mar-01 

  12. @GC don't get me wrong I think that church girls are wonderful people. There is the mistaken belief that church girls are frigid and not worth shooting for. Which is wrong. In fact from my expirence church girls think about sex as much as anyone else, if not more. They do tend to be looking for longer more serious relationships, which is good and I'll all for serious relationships. In my case though I have had bad expirences with the ones I've known slash know.

    by owen 2006-Mar-01