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written by owen on 2006-Jan-23.

What have I being doing since the year started? Work. Nothing much really. I am taking it easy on the programming, this year. I have been mostly chatting to people on the phone, the bus and on msn. Getting to know some new, old and interesting people, women and friends. Especially after I read/heard somewhere that 90% of people murdered are murdered by people they know. So hopefully maybe Miss Williams will kill me that is if I don't kill her first. Especially with how the murder rate going in this country at the moment - you never know when the next love triangle will spring up and you happen to be in it. Everybody wakes up early in the morning so I would probably get killed in my sleep.

I have been getting to know my friends much more and I probably have not reached to you yet so don't bug me about it. I probably will go to ATI this year for the first i.e. if I manage to survive my friends and car loan payments. There are some really messed-up friends with issues other there, I really would not have imagined. How selfish a bitch can one girl be? I probably get killed for that one but she will not read the second paragraph of anything. I got nothing but love for you all - really. Since I am a good listener I might become a therapist - especially with the extra brain space I have from not programming.

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  1. It really IS all about getting to know people, bonding with them and then killing them. Good that you've realised it, Owen.

    by Mad Bull 2006-Jan-24 

  2. But remember, even murder has its ugly side.

    Mostly involving brain particles.

    by Hayo 2006-Jan-24 

  3. i thought about killing someone once. and i did.

    by michael_halvorsen 2006-Jan-24 

  4. Fi real, you just don't know what can happen. Meeting new people for the year is a good idea, i should try to make new friends myself. I would love to go to ATI for the first time too.

    by stunner 2006-Jan-26 

  5. why less programming?

    by alex13 2006-Jan-27 

  6. programming consumes too much of my time

    by owen 2006-Jan-27 

  7. i need to fix my commenting system. i'm dredding it, but it needs to be fixed. i get like 2,000 spam comments a day, no joke. its horrible.

    by michael_halvorsen 2006-Jan-27 

  8. I get a lotta weird hits but I don't get any spam comments not sure why. Maybe they are not spamming me, or they can't find me (this page has in NOINDEX, FOLLOW) or they don't see me as a viable resource or maybe you are on some sort of list. I don't know really, there could be anumber of different reasons.

    Probably its the word "blog" in your links. Watch you hits carefully. ANd YOU NEED TO DO A REDIRECT AFTER YOUR COMMENT IS POSTED!

    I am not sure. Alright since I can't debug and test from here, would the code I use for my comments help you out? It could give you some hints.

    by owen 2006-Jan-27 

  9. yeah, you should help me out with this owen. i have it only accept comments posted from my site. i don't know what else i could do without a captcha.

    by michael_halvorsen 2006-Jan-29 

  10. ok, I see what I can do

    by owen 2006-Jan-29