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Are you a hunter, farmer or gatherer?

written by owen on 2023-Mar-03, Answer this question

At what point do you become a mean old man?

written by owen on 2023-Feb-06, Answer this question

What were your favorite songs/videos Of 2022?

With the numerous sources of video content in circulation nowadays I would be impressed if anyone can remember anything past yesterday. Personally I avoid most random content and have been delving into mostly old stuff I stumble across.

written by owen on 2023-Jan-02, Answer this question8

owen answered: [fl]harry styles - she[/fl][fl] Harry Styles - Watermelon Sugar[/fl] ... read 7 more

What were your favorite songs/videos Of 2021?

The music scene picked back up a bit but not fully 100. I listened to alot more random mixes this year and fell in love with some old tracks and old band like Jungle. post your favourite songs in the comments.

written by owen on 2022-Jan-08, Answer this question4

owen answered: Drive - Eleven Pond ... read 3 more

What were your favorite songs/videos Of 2020?

2020 was such a lukewarm year for everything including music. So much so that I almost let the new year run off without posting the yearly music question. I'm gonna be posting alot of old videos because meh.

written by owen on 2021-Feb-16, Answer this question12

owen answered: Daniel Caesar - Get You ft. Kali Uchis [Official Video] ... read 11 more