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written by owen on 2005-Oct-16.

Sometimes you take somethings for granted. Like a good friend, gravity or little pockets of ketchup. As they say you never miss it until its gone - change is bitch. Playing solo gets more dangerous the further you go. Its no wonder they encourage us to join teams. Teams are easier to keep track of, easier to kill. I have already formulated a solution to this paradox. Everything happens for a reason. It was fun. I am glad I met you. Every new beginning comes from some other beginning's end. I formulate it watch I do.

I thought about the new version of this website (5). Right now I think it will be something more like a newspaper with articles, columns, polls and editorials. I will include much of every bodies content. Since you guys obviously post more than I do. Chances are that if I don't write it down I will change my mind by next week. I am pretty confident though - it will be a newspaper. Always in search of the infamous "truly original idea".

I have gotten more and more calculated as the days pass. Totally thinking about taking a break from the internet for a while, I need to clear my head. Move back to the country and find employment on a peanut farm. I love peanuts. I bought the Jamaica Observer on sunday. Usually I would have bought the gleaner but I am feeling good this week. In the song "Dem Belly Full" by Bob Marley, he talks about cost of living getting high aka expensive. That was in 1976.

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