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written by owen on 2005-Oct-09.

Every now and again your might find yourself in a war. You had signed up for the army and they are knocking at your door. Obviously your judgement is impaired because you are hung over from the night before. Its human nature, some people just like to fight more than others and become sad when they have nothing to protect. Wars are not good if there is nothing to fight for. But it doesn't matter much now because somebody already showed the finger. The rabbit hole is very deep.

They know where you live and what you buy for lunch on any given sunday. Hiding is useless, either you go to battle or you give up all the privileges which civilization has given on to you and become a street bum. But even then you can't hide the high sperm count and excess energy that youth has given you for such a short time. They will find you. Torture works and you are not beyond it. Its not that bad really, in a couple years the war will be over and you will be back home with a better understanding of the meaning of life. Get a job and leave me alone.

Access to fire arms always has a plus side (as does everything). You could bring home a tank and park it in your drive way. Fire off a few shells on independence day. You haven't lived until you have been shot at a least twice or have been left tied to rock in the desert with a grenade under your head. Movie:Beast. There is a point where where from which you can't go back - it was too late, I am there already. So glad I met you.

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  1. Really random...

    by Mad bull 2005-Oct-11 

  2. Don't try to understand it. I am "thinking up" the next version of the website which should be more structured like a newspaper. Should help keep my posts in some sorta order. Photo essays and such. Its going to be sweet.

    I make references to a movie called The Beast. Good movie from 1988.

    by owen 2005-Oct-12 

  3. movies from the 80s? uh oh owen, that sounds like trouble.

    by me 2005-Oct-15 

  4. its just 1988! plus it was a really good, out in the desert with a rock launcher movie.

    by owen 2005-Oct-16