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written by owen on 2005-Nov-11.

After michaelhalvorsen almost died in a car accident I got to thinking. I need to buy a car. Especially now that I finally got my drivers license. I am not going to go into the details about the drivers license - took a while but I got it eventually. I have always pondered why they sold gasoline to random people so that they can drive around when the JUTC provides perfectly good buses. And will they run out of the stuff by the time I get my car - if ever. I might have to pull some projects out of a hat this month in order to amass the money that the insurance people are going to charge me on my new license. Bastards.

Now for the car, I am looking at something used rather than new. Because the whole new car thing seems like eternal personal debt. Maybe a new one for my second car. 6 years old - not a new shape but with power stuff and windows - I'm not picky. Manual is preferred because I have spent all that time getting lessons and it gives me something to think about when I am stuck in traffic. Traffic which is a constant now-a-days in Kingston and Portmore. 6 to 9 am and 4 to 8 pm every week day. Sheep. But I don't expect to go anywhere between those times - ever. It should be a small car with 2 doors. Not because I have no friends but cars with fewer doors are cheaper and lighter. A lighter car should be more fuel efficient. I care about the environment and hurricanes.

It should be somewhat sporty, so that I tell the hoes "bitch get in my car". I got no pickup lines. I should not need to modify it much but some rims are a necessity. 15 inches rims are cheaper with low profile tires. Because obviously the car will be more than just functionality - it a status symbol. The gasoline dealers association of jamaica were to go on strike sometime last week but called it off for some odd reason. One thing I have always hated about jamaica is that we don't have any kind of oil mining resources.

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  1. i got my full license the other day, which means i've been driving for five years, and there's another four until the insurance 'bastards' think i'm a decent enough driver to not rob me blind once a year. fair enough though, i probably am a bad driver x).

    if you could (if you're like me, you can't) , you should buy one of those new, super-expensive econo-cars, that do 1000 kms per tank of petrol. you'll have made the money back after driving it for ten years.

    by tristan 2005-Nov-12 

  2. don't buy a new car. you loose so much money doing that.

    i'm going to be getting a new bmw once i settle with the asshole's insurance company. i should be getting at least a hundred thousand dollars.

    i'm lucky to be here. i'm happy to be here. but i am unsure why i'm here. look at those pictures. how did i make it?

    get a 2 door that is a decently strong car. had i not been driving a tank, i wouldn't be writing this comment on your site. so thanks to the tank.

    ohh yeah, change those 4 stars to 5. your site accommodates all my needs and everything i look for in a jamaican blog.

    by michael_halvorsen 2005-Nov-12 

  3. I had an accident like that once... I wrapped a 1972 Mustang around a lightpole.... broke the pole and bent the car into a U-shape. Everyone who saw the car thought the occupants had died, but the only injury suffered by any of the three of us was a badly broken leg. Required a few metal pins. I was knocked unconscious, and they thought I was dead for awhile, but... Moral of the story: Alcohol, soca music, hot chicks and rainy roads don't mix very well.

    by mad bull 2005-Nov-13 

  4. econo cars are about as cool as a trailer park home. They need to get the costs down on those things.

    by owen 2005-Nov-13 

  5. Congrats on the licence. Manual in Kingston! I wanted one mysel, but after enduring the traffic i didn't regret getting a matic!

    by Stunner 2005-Nov-15 

  6. @stunner I plan to not do alot of driving when there is alot of traffic. hopefully

    by owen 2005-Nov-15