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written by owen on 2004-Nov-01.

Ever since the instant message blocking incident and calculus I have been re-evaluating my relations with people, women and relatives I have not talked to in a year or 3. What's in a name? People will often notice that I never ask them their name. Usually I'll ask a girl's age because that is valuable information. A name on the other hand is as significant as random number between 10 and 30 f(x). Plus I usually cannot remember it because I probably know 3 or 4 other people with the same name. Even if I think she is hot like a mid summer day's noon. I don't want to blurt out a wrong name at the wrong time.
Inability to remember names doesn't affect my daily living much because most people hang around you all the time and all you have to do tap them on the shoulder. Few notice that I never refer to them by name or the way I stare at them when I want their attention. In most cases I will invent a nickname, which usually puts everything back into perspective. Some people take their name very seriously and become very upset when they realise that you have not remembered their name. Nicknames are chosen carefully requiring the least amount of thought for maximum effect.
Names never really mattered much to me. I do not want to sound cliche or anything but it's what inside that counts - really and I am not making this up so I can get my self out of trouble either. So if you reading this then you know I know your name so do not try and test me out the next time you see me because I will know you read it here.

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  1. Owen, Owen, Owen. Don't you know that remembering names is the most important aspect of interacting with people? A name is not a random string of characters based on some opaque grammar rules. It is an order to get people to take you as a genunie individual, you must be able to remember there names son! If you can invent a nickname for the person, why not relate the nickname to the person's actually name--or is that to complex for your internal association rule learner?


    by AngryDog 2004-Nov-01 

  2. Well, as the youngest of seven, i quickly learned that names are not that important. Both parents used to call me like this - "You, one, two, three, four, five - I mean, seven!!! Come here/Stop that" or whatever... :D

    My real name is obviously quite common to me, but for some inexplicable reason, impossible to others! I'm going to tell you - its NICOLA!!! How would you pronounce it? To me, its so obvious - its like Nicholas (or Nicolas, in some countries) without the 'S'! But Noooooooo....

    I get all kinds of variations thereof! The most popular being Ni-Cole-A as a pronunciation! Don't ask me, because I can't explain it. Kind of like why I don't get that Americans have no problem with the word fountain, but feel compelled to say - PLAN-TANE, for plantain!!!

    I remember a few years ago, I worked at Air Jamaica's reservations, and we had to answer the phone like this:

    "Thank you for calling Air Jamaica, this is Nicola, how may I help you?"

    I got this male customer once, who said, "What did you say your name was?"

    So, I repeated it! He asked again, "What?"

    I again repeated my name, to which he replied, "Oh, you mean Ni-cole-A!" I said, quite self-righteously, "Actually, its pronounced Nicola!"

    Do you know what the fassy hole said to me??? "Don't worry you hear darling, is Ni-Cole_a!"

    The moral of that story - names are irrelevant - I answer to most anything!

    by seven 2004-Nov-02 

  3. ok nic, stay calm

    by owen 2004-Nov-02 

  4. I'm on the Owen camp. I cannot for the life of me remember names. Not even important ones. I can't remember faces either. Not even hot ones. My brain seems to think none of it matters to me. Or perhaps I'm just mal-social-ed (yes, because I'm not anti-social).

    by Allen 2004-Nov-04 

  5. lol, names? owen uve written a piece i've neededto write for a long time now, jus didnt realise till now that i had a need to write it.

    by alex 2004-Nov-05 

  6. names and faces is one of my many skills.

    by michael_halvorsen 2004-Nov-05 

  7. now that's just silly allen

    by owen 2004-Nov-05 

  8. i work in a bar and am asked many times a night what my name is and maybe once, someone actually remembered it. now, when they ask me my name, i give some ridiculous name such as burtha or petunia. it gets a reaction out of them and when i see them again...they'll actually admit to not remember ing my name but they remember it was something very unusual. ha...

    by a-go-go 2004-Nov-13