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written by owen on 2005-Oct-27.

I trumped an opportunity to make a speech for a dear friend on friday. Yet Again. I always avoid speeches at going away parties, funerals, weddings etc. Its not that I have nothing to say - I'm just not a "on the spot" / "freestyle rapper" person like The Rock, Half Dollar or Harry Potter. Even though by the time I get home I would have thought up totally cool and funny stuff to say in a speech. A speech filled with euphemisms, white girl jokes, STDs and that time when we all got suspended for a week. Memories. But now its too late. The food is gone and the cake uncut. I could have even dropped in a comparison between You, Madonna and Louise Bennet. Or how I totally liked you more when I didn't have to work with you in the same office. It would have been a great speech, I can almost taste it like cheese on a pizza. Crap.

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  1. i'm not much of an on-the-spot person either. i too, avoid being put on the spot around my peers. but around people i work with or work for, i do just fine. i can be on-the-spot when its about something i truely feel comfortable with, and thats usually my work, not my friends.

    by michael_halvorsen 2005-Oct-27 

  2. At least you didn't irritate your friend and make a fool of yourself. Not all of us are golden-tonuged. It's good you know your strengths and weaknesses.

    by Gods Child 2005-Oct-28 

  3. making a fool of yourself has advantages.

    by owen 2005-Oct-28 

  4. Next time, before an event where you may be asked to speak, think about what you want to say. Then if you're asked, you're ready. Advice : Find a group near you...

    by mad bull 2005-Oct-29 


    by owen 2005-Oct-29 

  6. Well, if you have an upload pic link besie your name in the comments section, ppl will use it, nuh true?

    by Mad Bull 2005-Nov-05 

  7. you are suppose to upload pics that are related to you comment or the post! not pictures of your self.

    by owen 2005-Nov-05 

  8. I'm not much for speeches either. Question: why did u not like ur friend when u were working together? u r so strange

    by Breakspeare 2005-Nov-05 

  9. I said "liked more". Not unhate which isn't a word. But in fact achieving greater esteem. Yeah she's cool, totally. Stop over-analyzing. Your not going to get what your looking for.

    by owen 2005-Nov-06