1. I eat them along with the meal. And as far as the purpose goes, they're a filler. You geat a measl burger and a shit ton of fries to fill you up. Thats why a burger is never a whole meal. You gotta eat a bunch of fries for it to be a meal.

    by michael_halvorsen 2006-Feb-14 

  2. Flench flies? Vat are dey? Vell... er... I haf heard somevere dat dey are really potatos, cut up to look like twigs and deep flied in used, disgustink oil! In a most bizaare vey, dey taste good! Dere must really be a God!

    by Mad Bull 2006-Feb-14 

  3. I eat them before the burger or with the chicken...can't allow the ti get cold and soggy and tasteless.

    Their purpose is to make you fat, clog-up your arteries and generally kill you quicker...but they taste good!

    by Stunner 2006-Feb-17 

  4. They serve no purpose other than to make a girl fatter than she'd like!

    by Gracie 2006-Feb-19 

  5. @Gracie hmmm....good fatter or bad fatter?

    by owen 2006-Feb-19 

  6. @Owen.......that would be bad!

    by Gracie 2006-Feb-20 

  7. oh, uhmm well nothing a little extra workout can't get rid of.

    by owen 2006-Feb-23 

  8. anyone who thinks a burger can never be a whole meal has clearly never eaten a quadriple whopper with cheese and bacon...

    by Eljay 2006-Feb-27 

  9. i sorta eat methodically there's an order for the meal french fries are devoured before anything else. while their hot

    by death_knight 2006-Feb-27 

  10. who cares, all u wanna know is they're hot wen its served with ur meal

    by OddOne 2006-Mar-02 

  11. @OddOne I'll have you know that alot of people care about their fries

    quadriple what?

    by owen 2006-Mar-05