Broad daylight

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written by owen on 2005-Dec-22.

The past week has been one of those weeks of too much work, failed tests and the flu. I should have tried harder with that girl I met on the bus. It really should not have ended that way. I should have made that extra effort. Especially since I have another paper due today. I should have proposed to her right then and there on the bus. You never know, she could be rich. A rich woman in Jamaica is hard to find, even harder to marry and do your assignments. On my list of ways to escape certain poverty, marrying a right woman is right up there beside working hard and diligently and or winning the lottery. I am not picky on the woman either I am a nice guy and I love all women. My only condition is that she have some sort of skill and be able to an assignment or two. She maybe the reason I'm alive. The why or wherefore I survive. The one I care for through the rough and dreary years. It not all about the money.

It’s that time of year when people take time out to send Christmas greetings to family, friends and associates. In this spirit, we would also like to offer warm greetings to you and wish you a blessed Christmas and a happy and prosperous 2007.

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  1. I need to find a hot sexy rich woman too.

    by stunner 2005-Dec-23 

  2. I actually know where to find one. She is a young woman, look irie and ting, shewas married to a RICH, RICH, RICH old guy who died just after Hurricane Ivan. She still hasn't taken on any other man yet.
    Now I am married and therefore ineligible, but I will set oonoo up with her and we can split the loot, what do you say? I only want 30%...

    by Mad Bull 2005-Dec-23 

  3. Merry Christmas owen, all the best for '06. I see you a drop New Year wishes for '07 already! ;-)

    by DrD 2005-Dec-24 

  4. Sounds like Mad Bull is planning to kill off this young rich woman. hmmm...

    by Gods Child 2005-Dec-28 

  5. Merry Christmas owen... just so y'all know, rich chicks don't usually go for poor guys, if they did they wouldn't be rich.

    by Breakspeare 2005-Dec-28 

  6. stop player hating B

    by owen 2005-Dec-29 

  7. The broad daylight turns into a sad sunset. Even when she reap only hate, she keep up the sun in her heart, her soul and her life. Be sure, no solar eclipse will fill her heart with darkness! Thanks for the moment of sunshine!

    by The sunlight 2006-Jan-07