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Disco Man

written by owen, published 2023-Jul-02, comment

I don't take advice very well as I get older.  Maybe because I spend so much time figuring out things by myself.  I assume that you are just repeating something off the top of your head without deep analysis of the context.  I am constantly evaluating the edges of the road as I drive along.  New content presented often is something that I have already thought about.  Especially because most people stick to popular or safe topics that are in the center lane.

You would have to be a seriously thorough person to shape my line of thinking.  I spend so much time thinking about the edges and context.  So in turn the common repeated topics are quickly evaluated.  They are the potholes I drive past everyday.  Even when they get patch I remember them lurking.

I rarely learn new things.  Like totally new.  Like why Zebras are black and white.  It appear that Zebras are black horses with black hair and the white sections are pigment free.  I also exist in a state where I know exactly the limits of my domain with hints of possibilities.  The ever present chaos and the lure of the green horizon.  I have everything I need it's the things that you want that get you into trouble.

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Maybe I am amazed

written by owen, published 2023-May-13, comment

I am just here chilling getting old along with everyone else.  I have no idea what tomorrow may bring.  I just hope for the best while I consider if this is the best point in time to go to the microwave to heat my food.  Or should I wait another minute.  Is there ever a right time?  There is never a right time.  Time is a constant battle even though I consume it like train with no breaks.

We will not know what is keeping you up all night unless you tell us.  It is best you pray heaven can stop you before you fall into a life of crime. Another doctor's bill, a lawyer's bill.  Another cute cheap thrill.  Everything is as it should.  You have got to enjoy the ride.  I keep saying this because I mean it.  I might forget to say it when I meet you which is why I write it down because I cannot ride and whistle.

Some things come with time.  You can only be at one place at a time so it puts certain constraints on what you can know.  Or what you can experience.  Your view of the world is limited to the space you can inhibit.  Though you may be several places and experience alot over the span of time you invariably "end up" at one place.  A shifting and continuous place that is in the now.  The ever present.  The glimmer of the past in the back of your head is only that.

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