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written by owen on 2005-Dec-29.

Its never too late to start planning for next year. Especially now that I am still on the "end of year high". A high not unlike cake with too much red label wine. I expect it wear off by January 10, when everything starts moving at its regular pace.        This is not one of those ridiculous "new year's resolution" list. But a mere outline of what is to be done eventually. I plan to be less aloof than usual because I have a lot to get done this new year. A more friendly and caring person likely a grenade or wayward train. The plan of world domination is put into full effect. Only cream and bastards rise.

New years resolutions are really pathetic anyway. I would rather keep it simple and say that I am not going to be evil in 2006. Or at least less evil. And as far as the website is concerned, I've done all I can do and version 5 should be up there sooner or later - at least an empty folder. I am not sure what kind of monster it will actually be. Or as MB said what kind a hook it will have. Right now I don't even have the concept or the color scheme. Just keep checking the space. Maybe a social network?

You should also see the forum link on the home page. It not a real forum. Just the a blog that looks like a forum. Why? because I can.

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