Digital photography and photo projects.


random photos of tattoos, feet and stuff

The shadow project

Stand in the sun and take a picture of your shadow.

The wheels project

Cars, trucks. Mostly here for people who love their cars.

The people project

Pictures of people from around the world.

The Jamaica photo project

Visit the far corners of the island, deep rural areas and cities and return safely with the pictures.

The random photo journal

random pictures, taken by people with little stories attached.

Bigz photo gallery

The nephews personal photo project. You can ignore this one.

Traveling without moving

photos outside in public, transit or waiting.

Pimp Juice

don't drink and drive

Misc projects

Experiments in photography

Into the Blue

Pictures of the sky and sometimes the tree outside

Food and Eats

Pictures of food, menus and snacks

And the Sign Says..

you got to have a membership card to go inside.

Street Photography

Mostly in Jamaica. Mostly outside in public. Mostly candid.

On the menu

Pictures of menus. Prices are obviously subject to change because of inflation and such.