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written by owen on 2005-Oct-03.

Last week has come and gone by suicide-bomber-less in Jamaica - I haven't checked the murder rate though. My Canon PowerShot SD100 digital camera died, the view finder started flickering and suddenly went black. Now all my pictures come out black as I had attempted to use the same roll twice. I feel as if I lost a my perverted little voyeur son. I plan to get a PowerShot SD450 as soon as I make extra $400 USD. Its always a bad idea to go to work on a Saturday.

I should start bringing around my business cards again but I went to a church on Saturday, was corned cohered into giving up my cellphone number by 5 members of the 25 member congregation. Adding to my list of stalkers and hottie crazy ex-girlfriends. My passive aggressiveness was not working. I think I might have to turn off my phone at key segments of the day to avoid them- not a problem. But I am sure it won't come to that. My infatuation with cheap Polo shirts and khakis with knee pockets should be enough. Take me back to the start.

I added a comment history page to the web site. So now when you post a comment you will see a "Your History" link in the message to a page called "Comment History". The page basically shows you all the comments by you and all the comments that were made after your comment (like on flickr). Sorta like a he said/she said thing. Thats about it. I am also planning on making a slide show page (in flash like flickr) for the photos in the categories. Yes alota flickr theft. I have started using the old design as well - I don't know why. Everything else is pretty must the same. Regular random post next week.

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  1. I did not even realize until just now that you are in Jamaica. I'll definitely be coming back here often.

    by Gods Child 2005-Oct-03 

  2. Rude bwoy....hopefully is only ladies asking for the numbers :) Respec

    by AngryDog 2005-Oct-03 

  3. Sorry to hear about the camera. Shit. Maybe the rest of us should take up a collection or something, after all, I love your pictures.

    by Mad Bull 2005-Oct-03 

  4. @gods child oh yeah, cool, alright, respect

    @mb thanks, but I just have to find a php project to work on I will have the cash in no time

    @angrydog well you know church girls is a whole different story all together man. Can't get the milk unless you buy the cow.

    by owen 2005-Oct-04 

  5. Wicked site. Wicked photos. Makes me want to go to Jamrock next week. Keep up the good work, yute.

    by Ri 2005-Oct-06 

  6. Wicked!
    you should check out Mad Bull's site as well.

    by owen 2005-Oct-06 

  7. testing comment history

    by alex13 2005-Nov-08 

  8. its working, no perfectly. but working well. right now it is order by newest post first. later I'm going to change it to newest comment first.

    by owen 2005-Nov-08