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written by owen on 2005-Sep-14.

I wasn't really planning on making anymore entries to the log but I want to keep my position in the top 5 jamaican websites. So lets see, the murder rate in the country is on the increase but I don't watch the news so I don't worry about it too much. Now the news stations instead of jumping right into the latest murders they wait 10 minutes so as to trick you into thinking its been a murder free day. Despite the fact absolutely no tourists have been harmed. news about far away locations is more entertaining; people keep blaming the whole New Orleans thing on hurricane Katrina but the hurricane is not to blame - its the water. Blame the water, hurricanes are cool.

Nowadays reality shows in america are so bad that you don't even have to have a reality show anymore. All you need is the tapes of the people who sign up for the reality show. Americans will do anything to be on television. Being on television in america is akin to being a fetus in the womb of Brittany spears. The easiest way to sell a million music-cds is to get yourself a reality show about your over privileged life. You can't be on a reality show if your average. You've got to have issues real issues like a teeth fetish or a love for midget porn.

You might take a flight and on this unfortunate day you get a window seat beside a cannibal. Under usuall situations you would know exactly what to do. But on this occasion you left your beef sandwiches at home for fear of being stopped at the metal detector. The flight is obviously packed to the max and there is absolutely no way you will be able to get a new seat. The flight attendants annoyingly check the bathrooms so you could not hide there forever.

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  1. i like hurricanes. i hate george w. bush though.

    by michael_halvorsen 2005-Sep-14 

  2. So if you don't post, you lose your position in top 5 Ja?

    by madbull 2005-Sep-14 

  3. "Being on television in america is akin to being a fetus in the womb of Brittany spears."

    That is one of the most brilliant analogies I have ever heard =).

    by tristan 2005-Sep-14 

  4. @mad bull the sites have been moved but I think its pretty hard for us to lose out, since there isn't much competition

    @michael_halvorsen come on, the guy must have done at least one thing right while in office

    @tristan yeap its a boy

    by owen 2005-Sep-15 

  5. her tits are huge. but they're fake + the real. so it happens.

    by michael_halvorsen 2005-Sep-15