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written by owen on 2005-Dec-04.

I had an assignment last week, and I tried to pay off a UWI Economics/Politics double major to "do it" slash "help me with it". Critical Thinking Assignment - opinion writing. She refused. She said it was against her principles or maybe she didn't like my attitude or maybe I was being too needy about it. I asked her number - she refused - mine as well. She kept asking me "you don't watch the news? you no see how the country stay bad? you no have no opinion on the situation?". Well, actually no, I don't. She did not realize that our "realities" were totally different. I offered her my services but still nothing. I never asked her name which was surprisingly impolite of me. She gave me some pointers though, and I scraped my way through another paragraph of a critical analysis of Delroy Chuck's article on "Poverty, Economic model causing hardship..." (I forgot the exact title). Still waiting for the grades. I wished her good luck on her student loans and she ran off like I was a deranged-psychopath or she was late for something.

After all, I had just met her on the bus, 2 minutes ago - homework on the first date was out of the question - even if I was paying. And she looked like the type who would be good at - that sorta thing - writing. Later that day I went on the internet at work to get an "opinion". Because obviously I didn't have one and she must have gotten hers from somewhere. About the Jamaican economy - because the internet knows everything but I couldn't find it. It was a point of luck for me to meet someone who actually was good at the 2 areas which I needed to finish the assignment. But I had nothing to use as leverage. Without leverage you simply can't get anywhere (or into anything) is this country.

In my present course there are points where I end up with modules carried over from the business degree for the sole purpose of torturing the more technocratic among us. Leveling the playing field for the lesser capable "business types". The school refers to it as "wanting to produce more well-rounded individuals". Crap. Leveling is good but don't throw it in my face. Saying that is akin to saying comparing a BMW to a Volkswagen. Or better yet Beyonce to Britney Spears. A BMW is not a well-rounded car. Being well rounded is like being Volkswagen Beetle not a M6. Of course you cannot have a straight IT course in Jamaica because you don't have that many candidate students to enroll. That is a much better reason for cheapening the whole whole future IT sector. You don't go around giving doctors hand writing lessons because you want them to be well rounded? of course not! Because they are professionals. Professionals don't need to be well rounded.

Well rounded individuals do better on Survivor? Saying that you producing "well rounded individuals" into the work force is a cover for the fact that you can't teach anybody to be good at anything in particular and risk them not being able to get work in an unstable economy. If this is the case then the whole course should be renamed "Jack Of All Trades Info Tech". I do what they tell me, hopefully I get a "C" beside my number on the grade sheet at the end of the semester. Maybe she did teach me something after all.

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  1. you're damn right about that. why do i need to take a class on 'music as a world phenomenon?' yeah, its interesting and all. i learn a few songs and music genres from here and there, but to study and memorize the music and be able to tell one song from another in a minute exerpt of the song is asinine. what reason do i have to learn this?

    i'm paying $4k a semester to learn shit thats fun. i can do that by doing a search on in fact, i could probably learn more in a days time on any one subject just by doing that because they pull information from so many sources, not from a publishing company looking to make a killing by selling you a book for the cost of a weeks food intake.

    but its all just work towards a title. its a title to need to be able to stand in a long line of others who have the same title as you. its the experience that counts in the end. work towards that harder than you do for that title.

    by michael_halvorsen 2005-Dec-05 

  2. i totally agree.... it's painfull doing bull crap courses you have no use for in the future... damn school system

    by Breakspeare 2005-Dec-05 

  3. Hey,
    I totally agree. I transfered 2 years ago, with 44 credits. The school i transfered too, if you trasnfer in 45 credits you dont need to retake any general classes, but bc I had 44, I had to retake pretty much every useless class.

    Anyway, about your "good luck on student loans comment"- I dont know if you needed help with student loans or not, but there is this website and it really helped me with all of my loans. Just thought I would pass that along!

    by templeowlsfan 2005-Dec-05 

  4. the more women run of like psychopaths is the less they will run off like psychopaths to courses - show up those MFs...Just do it.

    by Damion Flames 2005-Dec-05 

  5. older now, altho not that old, i actually wish i taken better advantage of the well-rounded bull-crap I was given. Because inevitably, altho its important to be well equipped for you job, of greater importance (or maybe just equal) is attitude, perseverance and a good work ethic.

    Once you have the foundations you can pretty much go anywhere! Well enough old ppl talk for me!

    by alex13 2005-Dec-07 

  6. Owen:

    If you were more well rounded perhaps you would have noticed that you have mispelled the word "beauty" in the description of your blog. Unless of course you actually do mean "bueaty".

    by atarat 2005-Dec-16 

  7. I am always surprised by the amount of people that point that out to me. It proves why I really need a girlfriend that is a Economics/Politics double major.

    by owen 2005-Dec-18