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written by owen on 2005-Sep-26.

Ever notice how hurricane reporters always stand in the rain when making reports? Sometimes with the ocean in the background. Total waste a time. Yes your in the middle of a hurricane some where in the rain - we believe you - its written a the bottom of the screen "LIVE FROM SOMEWHERE IN THE RAIN". There is no need for you to stand in wind and rain for an hour with a mic in your hand holding on to a pole, shouting like a madman. Find a store an loot it. Unless of course you get hit by flying debris. Now that would be unfortunate but entertaining nonetheless.

All the hi-end technology becomes evident when the reporters in the rain start speaking to other reporters in the rain. Picture-in-Picture® style. Oftentimes asking each other questions. Obvious questions like "why is it raining" and going over useless facts, over and over. Sometimes the reporters would move to a location where they can show some stuff that has been blown away or transformers are popping or is on fire. When it gets really bad you cannot even hear the reporter talking, but they do not know this which is funny.

The people back at headquarters are always emphasizing how dangerous it is for the reporters. In harms way. If it was really dangerous reporters would be dead already. We won't believe you until we see at least one reporter get hit by a flying Ford F150 - stop hyping the news. Intensively, often exaggerating its importance or benefits. The most entertaining things to watch on television today is american news, discovery channel, travel channel and reality shows. All of which are one and the same. I am only happy when it rains.

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  1. You know, I have to agree with you on this post Owen...why the hell these weather reports figure they need to be standing out in the middle of a hurricane to give you the news! We already know there's a hurricane jackass!

    by AngryDog 2005-Sep-27 

  2. hopefully they are getting like twice as much money come paycheck time. woooh I'd stand in the rain for double time. well snow is a different thing altogether.

    by owen 2005-Sep-29 

  3. LOL! You are spot on with this one, Owen! True true! Hey, what I'd like is if they allowed us to text in our vote for which reporter had to go outside, and where they would have to stand! Wouldn't that be cool? Rasta, immediately I would vote for Geraldo Rivera to be standing on a big bar of soap atop the convention center when Katrina was passing thru! THAT would be entertainment!

    by mad bull 2005-Sep-29 

  4. It's all about the effects. I guess they think it makes a bigger impression when they report outside in the storm. I don't mind watching it though. it's always funny when the breeze starts blowing them away or a wave sneaks up behind the reporter an almost washes him away!

    by stunner 2005-Sep-30 

  5. Loving the banner pictures, rude bwoy! Is dehso you work? On that building, I mean?

    by Mad Bull 2005-Oct-02 

  6. no, not really I just went there because that's "where the money is".
    And also my camera stopped working, sad, the view finder started just went black.

    by owen 2005-Oct-03