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written by owen on 2006-Mar-19.

At one point or the other, you look up from watching your shadow on the sidewalk. Its late at night, not too late, or dancehall party late but late enough that you could get killed by a crazed monkey that had escaped from a local zoo. But it is late, dark and you are obviously high off something because you are watching your shadow on the sidewalk for no reason but its entertaining. And then you lookup realise that there are far too many police park along the road up ahead. Far too many. More than the usual zero or more than that of none. At this point you begin to question whether your in the right place or what you had for breakfast this morning. Whether you are wearing the bullet proof vest your mother bought you for christmas or is your new cellphone bulging out of your waist like a 457 magnum.

Obviously you stopped wearing the bullet proof vest because it was obviously cheap and it never really went well with any of the clothes in your closet. Not to mention the fact that none of your friends would not hang out with you because they thought you were crazy and people looked at you funny. Especially when you walked around with one hand in your pocket and another hand holding up a peace sign. No, you definitely did not have your bullet proof vest on. So you make a sigh of relief while still trying not to appear too suspicious as you walk by the raiding party of conspicuously dressed polices offices with high powered weapons, full riot gear and extra weapons strapped to their legs. You keep hearing vivid clicking sounds coming from the weapons, as if you were in a movie, a bad movie that ends badly, a movie that your girlfriend didn't want to see because it was too violent. A movie where you could not afford the pop corn at the concession stand so you brought mackerel sandwiches.

You have not been to the bank in over two weeks. If you had done anything wrong you probably would not have made it out alive and would not be walking down this street, now, alone, watching your shadow, late at night. Obviously you have no card with-which to withdraw. Plus you have no money. So why where you at the bank in the first place when you have no card and no money? And if everything is not already confusing why are you walking do this street? Your cellphone starts to ring, but you ignore it fearing that if you reach down too quick take it out, it might seem like your reaching for you cellphone - which is true, but your the only one who knows that. So you keep walking until your a safe distance away.

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  1. Yeah Yeah Yeah!

    by tristan 2006-Mar-20 

  2. @tristan did you see the video? that is one weird video.

    by owen 2006-Mar-21