1. I suggest that you get the bonnet painted white or maybe a solid black but everything else is cool. How much do red bucket seats like that cost?

    by owen 2006-Mar-18 

  2. Seats cost over 40 gran

    by MiTcHiE 2006-Mar-18 

  3. The bonnet is what makes it unique. Its very good looking up close.

    by MiTcHiE 2006-Mar-18 

  4. the car bonnett looks like it is suffering from a bad case of vericose vains (lol) other than that its cool still caise I dont have a ride.

    by rosie7 2006-Jul-27 

  5. Whats the difference between the BZG and the normal Levin?

    by Yung Jah 2008-Mar-16 

  6. ask a mechanic.

    by owen 2008-Mar-16