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Video Blog » Cuba says hello

written by owen, Mon, 29th May at 7:41 am

With as much spanish as I have been exposed to in the past year, you would think that I would know more than 4 words of spanish. Bano. Even with my week long vacation trip to Cuba and watching spanish language lessons on youtube. Que passa? A entire spanish novelas on Netflix? But alas, no. I am doomed to only contain one language in my brain at a time. But this fact has not stopped me from enjoying a good reggaeton de Cuba Mix. A couple of these videos are shot along the Malecón waterfront in Havana.

EL MICHA “Oye Tu Si Suena”


CHACAL “Pa' La Camara”

WILDEY “Palomita”

DIVAN “Hablale Claro”

ALEX DUVALL & EL MICHA “Yo Se Que Te Molesta”

WILDEY “La Puntika”

PETER NIETO “Se Desespera”

JAYBY & DIVAN “Delete”

QVA LIBRE “Por Estar Contigo”

WILDEY “Tengo Money”


CARPE DIEM “Cupido Me Engaño”

ALEX DUVALL “Porque No Le Dices”


DIVAN Feat. QVA LIBRE “Estoy Para Fiesta Contigo”

DIVAN “Sentimentalmente Disponible”

The full 1 hour long uninteruted mix can be watched here.

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Finding the best solution and not just any solution (programming)

written by owen, Sun, 21st May at 5:22 pm read 15 times.

Logbook » Ruby

written by owen, Sat, 20th May at 9:47 pm

I am hyper aware of my own mortality, the number of branches that are in my tree. The world around me lives only by grace. We are not special. This has only gotten worse as I get older and my tolerance level has changed to the point where I have to see five steps down the road or I am not even going to jump on that train to hell that you are so passionate about.

Fools and charlatans are now growing out of the woodwork like a fungus, while I am simply trying to get through the day. A train to wreck. They say we should all strive to be like Jesus but I am a humble man; knowledge, wisdom and understanding are all I seek. I solve problems and time is money.

At some point in time you have to stop chasing society because you never really catch it. If a hand dem a bruk then you will have to pop necks to keep up, shake them down and break them like bread. There is no end, the more you have - the more you want and the more you give the more they take.

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Mad Hieronymus Bull commented: Right! My eye just changed, just paused the front gate, I thank God she came, how many more days, could I wait, I… made plans wit’ her! And I’m not going to let them fall through, I… Aye aye aye aye… I think I wood lie for her! I think I would die for her! ... read more

Logbook » Oceans

written by owen, Wed, 10th May

It has been roughly a month since I have written anything. Literally constipated does not even describe the state I am in. I have not been spreading my passions even. Allowed myself to be highly focused on an impossible mission while neglecting my numerous other pursuits. I must stop but I cannot like a monkey in a forest with infinite trees. Chaos reaching out and grabbing me by the neck.

You have to spend your life doing something. It is clearly obvious that nothing really matters and people are just building little world blankets in which to wrap themselves into while everything else burns by the heat of the sun. I am the king of my own little world and everyone else is wondering how much income tax I am charging my citizens. I am not charging them anything. I am just really bad at it. We are just chilling out here trying to find out the best way to escape or achieve ultimate knowledge, wisdom and understanding. Obviously we are not perfect and might never be.

I just had to push this one out, like a baby 3 months overdue. I have a splitting headache and I am not sure if its the words or the fact that I did not take my lunch time break to stare into the distance. I am almost done. Just another sentence. Publish or perish. I have a few unfinished trees which I need to climb but for now I will settle with just this one until I get the will to let go and move on.

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Mad Hieronymus Bull commented: Second cup of coffee, now I'm feeling fine! Me a Joe Grine, Trump's wife look fine, me a make she sip my coffee, then miago kill her wid wine. ... read 1 more

Video Blog » Favourite Soca/Calyspo Songs 2017 - Part 2

written by owen, Thu, 20th Apr at 1:51 pm

Its almost the end of april-2017 but there are a lot of songs to go through so here is a fresh set. If you want want to look at the first list check out part 1.

Voice - Far From Finish(Trinidad)

Shradah Ft. Komante - Good Body(Trinidad)

Adana - Risque (W.I. Riddim) (Trinidad)

Preedy - When I Gone(Vibration Riddim)(Trinidad)

Rayza Saga - Activate Lyfe(V13 Riddim)(Trinidad)

Valene Nedd - Jealous(Grenada)

K Rich - Rude

Honorable Mentions

Shradah - Cyah Stop Meh "2015 Soca"

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