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Logbook » Telling stories

written by owen, Wed, 14th Sep

‎One thing I have learnt from the sea is that if you want lots of random smooth rocks you have no choice but to keep pounding the shoreline. Forever. In a constant rhythm.   It helps that the ocean is gigantic and endless.‎ The ocean is bigger than all your problems, and even the problems that you create yourself for other people.

I realize that you want to feel special like creating a world within a world which is unique and different from anything else that has ever existed for billions of years before now.‎  Some things are bigger than the things you want.  I have gone to great lengths to down play my specialties. My existence in this time and place, now, going forward is a cautious trod through a minefield of which I am very aware.   I am aware of the things I do not like and the things that wake me up in a cold sweat at night.  I bare them only for a time. There are things that I do not want to learn.

I try to not be too introspective in my writings lately but it is hard when I am not sure which direction my compass is heading. The future belongs to no man. I try. If you do not know me by now then you probably never will.   I keep a log of the things I might forget because I surely will. It is not that I do not care to remember but mostly because there is so much to do, so much to learn and so little time is which to experience it all.‎ I do not want to burden you with promises - a comfort.

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Drive By » New Highway to Ochi

written by owen, Tue, 13th Sep

Last weekend I took a trip on the new leg of the highway to Ochi Rios before the toll prices increase yet again. I must say that I am disappointed with the speed limits on this thing, 80 kmph on flats, 60 around corners is just unacceptable for the amount of money you have to shell out.

It was not cheap to build, I counted at least 12 mountains that had to be cut straight through. Got to applaud the chinese for there tenacity in doing difficult things.

I paid 920$ each way for a car. Only advantage is you get to Ochi in 1 hour mash driving at the speed limit, skip both Mount Rosso and Flat Bridge.

Look out for speed traps. Anyway pics below.

Driving into the rain in the hills

Driving into the rain in the hills

Rest stops?

Rest stops?

Made it in one piece

Made it in one piece

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And the Sign Says.. » Che, Havana Cuba

written by owen, Tue, 13th Sep

More info about La Cabana de Che Guevara. I did not enter because there is had cover charge and was totally not in the mood for a guided tour.

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And the Sign Says.. » No Shorts too short

written by owen, Wed, 07th Sep

The church that I visited had signs at the entrance for visitors in English and Spanish.


And the Sign Says.. » Street Signs, Havana, Cuba

written by owen, Sat, 03rd Sep

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