Frequently Asked Questions.

Who runs
The site is a spare-time project. Created by Owen.

How long has it been around?
Since August 1, 2002.

I'm bored, Where is the stuff? How do I post / contribute / comment?
Visit the various content categories.

What's with the name? Is it supposed to be ironic?
It's a reference to software. Back in the day I wrote a lot of computer programs and one day I will probably start my own software company.

How about a link exchange?
This was a good thing in the past but now it's a bit annoying. If you hang around long enough and post some pictures / participate I might consider you.

How do you make money from this?
I don't.

Then why do you do it?
It's fun sometimes. And you can start conversations with "guess what happened on my website yesterday".

Why don't you put ads on the site?
If I got desperate, I'd consider it. But I'd rather try to make money other ways. I think you sacrifice an awful lot by putting ads all over the place.

Where the hell is my post? I posted it like 20 minutes/several days/a month ago!
Sorry about that. See, it used to be that your post would go right up on the front page as soon as you pushed the button. This was all fine and good until some jackasses started using it to have conversations and promote their silly personal Web sites. As usually, it's a few turds ruining the fun for everyone. Because of this, we have to make sure that someone else approves every post before it shows up on the site. This can take a long time, and sometimes people even make mistakes, and toss out some good ones. You get what you pay for.

The pictures at the top are cool!
I change them at will. You can collect them all at masthead.