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Deep in the bushes of Manchester

written by owen, Sat, 30th Dec 2017 at 7:27 am

This is my third attempt . The first 2 times I turned back because I had passed more forks in the road than my brain can process which is 3. This trip was aided by Janique running google maps on co-pilot. She was still getting the hang of it because google maps has the habit of re-routing if you do not page attention to it.

No matter what google maps tells you there are times the shortest route is impossible. Wasted 2 hours driving through narrow cobble stone roads at 30 kmph. When you start seeing bushes growing in the road you should turn back and go the route with the more used roads. If you stop seeing signs of road work, patching, white lines you know you are off the grid. Luckily cellphone data worked all the way. There was one occasion where we had to reverse into a driveway so that another car could pass along a narrow section of the road.
If you are going to Treasure Beach head down Spur Tree Hill. It might be the longer route but the roads are better - much better.

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Hellshire, beach erosion Dec 2017

written by owen, Mon, 27th Nov 2017 at 7:47 am

Since my last visit to the beach new structures have been built. I recently watched a reporter on television interview a meteorologist on whether the recent Montego Bay heavy rain event on Nov 22 2017 could be attributed to climate change. The question was skillfully curved. No one has all the data. I watched in awe as the same pointless question was asked over and over again expecting a different answer. Then it dawned on me; something I probably already knew. It is not that the climate is "changing" per se but that we as human beings (inhabitants of the environment) are remaining the same. Our new ability to shape the environment around us has lulled us into a state of complacency.

Paved streets become rivers, roof tops become water falls. Buildings become permanent wind blockers.

We are beginning to feel that the world is beholden to our constant whim and fancy. The climate "will" change as it always has but we are unable to adapt to these changes. The environment will do what it wants including changing slowly, suddenly, sporadically, or randomly in ways which are yet too complicated for us to predict. The real question is how long can/will we remain the same while everything around us changes?

It is apparent that we will do all that we can to maintain our current path and find ways to simplify complicated issues.

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No Vending in this market

written by owen, Sun, 19th Nov 2017 at 6:33 am

As the Coronation Market in Downtown, Kingston keeps expanding and we keep importing more cars at some point we are going to have to make a choice between them both. Cars or food? Small business entrepreneurs or Used cars sales?


Hotels on beachs

written by owen, 2016-Nov-10

I have always wondered why they build so close to the sea in Jamaica. There is a aggressive move to stop erosion with sea barriers and such.


In the shallow water, Little Dunns River

written by Anonymous, 2016-Sep-20

Last free beach in Ochi Rios. I think the only reason they have no sold this property yet is because it resides on steep slope and it is a very thin strip of land. Eitherway they will find some way to sell it.


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