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Logbook » Extreme Ways

written by owen, Tue, 15th Nov

Everyone appears to live in their own special version of the world. A world in which there is a constant need to re-affirm, to be part of the good group - social justice warriors. Somethings you have to let go in order to live. Eventually everything melts into one or two streams of thought, battling each other in a war which both sides end up losing. This would be simple if it were just one world but the more you know - the older you get - the more sides you see. We are constantly battling between different sides of a complicated shell that you cannot see. Until you pull the earth around you and make it your bed. At which point nothing matters.

There is a point where no one can agree on anything because their view is rooted in their own experiences or things they hear - there is no big picture. No substance of reality. No monkey in the tree. It is all the sound of leaves coming from the mouth of someone that heard them. How much tooth paste should you put on your toothbrush? Are your teeth absorbing calcium? Is toothpaste merely a foaming agent? Are toothpaste advertisements purposely making me use more toothpaste so that I buy more? Are you building a ship to wreak upon the shore?

In the end it might not matter. It might be a case that we are just flying though space hoping that we survive long enough to actually achieve something significant. Interesting times. You think of the worst things in the world, things that you are afraid to even utter; then you step back and you will see that it is really not that bad at all.

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Blog Jamaica » Hotels on beachs

written by owen, Thu, 10th Nov

I have always wondered why they build so close to the sea in Jamaica. There is a aggressive move to stop erosion with sea barriers and such.


And the Sign Says.. » The New Causeway Fishing Complex

written by owen, Sat, 05th Nov


How much toothpaste do you need to put on your toothbrush?

written by owen, Fri, 04th Nov, Answer this question 1

Gods child answered: Enough to cover the nail of your little finger should do it. If you have a giant little finger then you should have giant teeth. If you have a sixth finger, then use the fifth. If no little finger at all, sorry. ... read more

And the Sign Says.. » Pool Rules

written by owen, Fri, 04th Nov

The funniest one is the no swimming while under the influence of alcohol. Its funny because the pool has a bar right beside it. A bar that is literally in the pool. Taken at sunscape