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Food and Eats » Stew Chicken

written by owen, Sun, 22nd Jan at 7:13 pm

Sometimes you end up in a meeting and you end up getting catered lunch

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Is blogging dead

written by owen, Thu, 19th Jan at 8:48 am read 11 times.

Video Blog » My Favourite Soca/Calyspo Songs 2017

written by owen, Tue, 17th Jan at 9:38 am

I am getting a early start on this one this year. Cause I OTNO. I will continue to update this list as the year progresses. So far I have listened to 227 songs from across the Caribbean but who knows what fat will rise to the top as the year progresses. You can also view last years favorites or news list.

Anyway without much adieu.

Lyrikal - Feting Victim (Conect Riddim) (Trinidad)

I do not like the rythme on this one and I cannot find the one I actually like so this version will have to do for now.
Lyrikal - Picture Perfect [Breaking Dawn Riddim]

Nappy writes the best songs and he seems to be back again this year with some hard hitting hits;
Farmer Nappy - Miss Me Wid Dat (W.I. Riddim)

Farmer Nappy & Destra Garcia - "Technically"

5 Star Akil - Go Go Dancer (Sun Blast Riddim)

Farmer Nappy - Abundance (Trinidad)

Taxi Boi - Over Doing It (Carriacou)

Shortpree - She Want To Come (Carriacou)

Killa B - The Dream(Carriacou)

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What Are Your favorite Songs/Videos Of 2016?

Wow, its that time of year already? What tunes you were rocking to in 2016? Add a song name or youtube/vimeo link in the comments.

written by owen, Mon, 16th Jan at 9:55 am , Answer this question 14

owen answered: Vince Staples - Lift Me Up ... read 13 more

Logbook » Technically

written by owen, Mon, 16th Jan at 9:52 am

The past week and a half of cleaning and fixing random stuff has been a welcomed release from the hustle and bustle of work. You would be surprised how calming it is to work in almost total silence at almost snails pace with no one around except for the call when dinner is ready. Having a double sink is really handy.

My beard has grown back in over the Christmas holiday and I have no way with which to shave it. I may have to go into town to get a fresh trim. I am getting a bit accustomed to not going outside at all or spending money. Even though haircuts are cheaper here (as far as I can remember) and there is less competition for the barbers chair.

I did manage to spend sometime on the computer while I am here. Chipped away at some code that I had been working on forever. Discovered that whatsapp groups are trash, full of idlers with no hobbies. I need to get on with these end of year posts before they pile up on me and I end up not doing any at all.

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