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Telling stories

TLC said; I can identify « Reply


TLC said; you're my spirit animal :) Haven't read you in a while. I love the simplicity of your writing and minimalism of the site. Short. To the point. I'm reading what sounds like my own thoughts. Only clearer than they are in my head. Yes. Lots of people with no opinions and lots of consumers and few producers. There seems to be maybe 1 aware person per 100 sq. miles. I'm making up the numbers but that's how it feels here in new york. thanks for the clarity. « Reply


Mad Hieronymus Bull said; Second cup of coffee, now I'm feeling fine! Me a Joe Grine, Trump's wife look fine, me a make she sip my coffee, then miago kill her wid wine. « Reply


Mad Hieronymus Bull said; Right! My eye just changed, just paused the front gate, I thank God she came, how many more days, could I wait, I… made plans wit’ her! And I’m not going to let them fall through, I… Aye aye aye aye… I think I wood lie for her! I think I would die for her! « Reply

Google Spaces and Sharing Blackholes (social media)

owen said; So Google spaces has been discontinued on April 17, 2017 only a year after it was launched. Unfortunately they have failed to cure cancer or do more than collect the data on millions of users, friends and family members. All that time and potential down the drain. Anyways, So what now? What will we hype up next? Facebook's 'Spaces' VR ? « Reply

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