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NewoSky Post-Mortem (programming)

ytvang said; [!] what a september-surprise this release was to me. I love what this newo series means for the wonderful white box. ty [!] « Reply

Totally Delicious: Wine Slice

Allison said; This wine slice taste great, I love it, an elderly lady introduced this cake to me a few years back and so, I never stop loving it.I introduced it to my family as well and friends, they love it too. « Reply

Artificial Intelligence, machine learning and big data is a dead end

Alex said; So I would argue that machine learning and big data are not a dead end, contrarily they are the starting block that will allow us to refine our algorithms once we master them, this is what it looks like Google DeepMind is actually doing « Reply

Telling stories

TLC said; I can identify « Reply


TLC said; you're my spirit animal :) Haven't read you in a while. I love the simplicity of your writing and minimalism of the site. Short. To the point. I'm reading what sounds like my own thoughts. Only clearer than they are in my head. Yes. Lots of people with no opinions and lots of consumers and few producers. There seems to be maybe 1 aware person per 100 sq. miles. I'm making up the numbers but that's how it feels here in new york. thanks for the clarity. « Reply

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