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Owen, Your site is pretty interesting and original, but you should have someone do a spell check before you upload. Good Luck!
Cherry ( Kingston )

Luv dis site
Troy ( Jamaica )

We were just wondering where we could purchase our very own Owensoft... we're planning on staging a mudwrestling match between it and our Microsoft...winner gets to take on Adobe Acrobat Reader (which has been known to fight DIRTY let me tell you). Thanks for visiting our site, Lori and Cutcha
Lori and Cutcha ( San Diego, CA )

web site look good, too bad it is much ado about nothing
natin ( yu nuh have nutten beta fi do? )

you do have mad web development skills. you should change 'teachs' to 'teaches'
cor ( los angeles )

Saw a link on Tech Jamaica, and it led me here. Great work. Keep it up
Presto ( St Andrew, Jamaica )

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