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A blog/journal/community/personal website designed and developed by Owen. read | comment | upload pictures | ask & answer questions. There is more here than I can ever hope to explain in 2 sentences.

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thanks for sticking up for me in the waferbaby dev list!
michael halvorsen ( elyria, oh usa )

Always find your site refreshing and Im never less that disappointed on the rare occasion that I come by and not see any new posts.
I and I ( Kingston, Jamaica )

Cool Site. Is this like an online Journal??
MiTcHiE ( Kgn Jamaica )

Interesting site, i really like it .
Danielle ( Trinidad )

Owen, you constantly amaze me with your site redesigns. :)
Taran ( San Fernando Trinidad and Tobago )

Variety is the Spice of life. The more blogs the better. Visit mine.
Yamfoot ( Grenada )

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