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ChangeLog » November 2017 bug fixes

written by owen, Sun, 26th Nov

I think I have squashed all the bugs now. 90% of the page font is default size which is masterful. 10 years ago I would never have thought it could be done.

Change log;

  • Fixed a longstanding bug in pagecache that so that any user can rebuild the cache once they make a change. Instead of just admin users.
  • Redid the profile edit page with new autoform
  • Fixed layout problems with registration screen
  • Messed around with how user profile pics are stored.
  • Reduced number of questions asked during registration interview to 5
  • Fixed the pg gallery so that the older small images do not get stretched to fill the screen space
  • When editing posts/items the photo grid shows up as expected (long standing bug) in both views
  • sitemap fixed
  • archive photo page fixed and new link added.
  • Fixed the search page and some date output bugs that were left over from when I was thinking about React.
  • The full sidebar only shows up on page one of pages that have navigation

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Logbook » Such Great Hieghts

written by owen, Sat, 25th Nov

Cars are constantly moving towards chaos like sand on a beach. No matter how much you wash them or take care of them they are slowly trying to separate into little pieces. Right now I have break disc wobble and I will either have to get the disks skimmed or replaced. Maintenance is something that will always be necessary unless you can afford to buy a new car every few years.

Human beings are very short sited by nature. Naturally. I myself will choose (more times than not) short term dis-satisfaction over long ambiguity. Cause nothing really last forever. Whether it be good or bad, the pendulum always swings because it has to. There is no other way. Riding the breaks. You have to give up some things to live. And everything you get takes away something else. Whether you know it or not we are not special, we are not machines. No one is perfect. Today, right now is both the best days and the worst of days and only for a time and forever.

So this is where I am. For the first time in a long time I am going to have to work through Christmas. Things change I guess. I am off schedule and have probably lost my way. But you gots to do what you gots to do. After all in the end the only things that matter are the things you give away.

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The random photo journal » Leaves on the water

written by owen, Fri, 24th Nov

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Logbook » Poker

written by DLBG, Wed, 22nd Nov

The game of poker. One that requires skill, strategy and the very important ability to give no signs of what hand you have been dealt. The making of the poker face, perfected out of necessity in a personal and professional war room. It serves so many purposes, I could go on and on. Frankly I hate it. I’ve always thought the greatest thing on the planet is to truly express every thing as you feel it. But alas everything must be carefully planned and executed on time with the right resources and never letting your opponent ever have clue about anything until the very moment.

Done so easily and without thought. The display of blankness leaving your opponent completely clueless and at your knees. Waiting….. Waiting….. For your carefully planned flick of a switch. Human robotics.

Why? It’s safeguard and great safe-fail, designed to have minimal disruption or harm in the event of a failure. And of course you sit and watch the play for failure so very often. All the while knowing that this long game of strategy for which you’re fully equipped to wait it out. But there is hardly a win and failing fast is the least painful. A quick brush and a forgotten bruise. Taking too long to fail leads to painful consequences. But there must be a win. Why play the game if there isn’t. Like the lottery, when you win it’s big.

So I step out on to a new planet, leaving the suit and armor on earth where it belongs. It has no place here. Everything is done in reverse except for that well served play that’s non-negotiable.

There is an enormous knot in the pit of the stomach, sometimes leading to immense joy and at other times a nervousness born out of vulnerability. A quandary that only happens to the exposed. No poker face? Naked!

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Logbook » Beautiful Words

written by DLBG, Wed, 22nd Nov

There is something magical about words and their ability to convey deep meaning, affection and everything that affects the human race. Nicely packaged or rawly thrown. That’s not a real world by the way but yet that’s the wonderful part. New words are made everyday.

I tried it. I went out naked in the sea. Lightening struck, it was beautiful but I could see the danger lurking beneath its beautiful waves. Amazing power and prowess. So easy to lose yourself in its glow. Get dressed, you can’t be out here naked. You’ll get hurt like you’ve never been before.

I put on my dress and armor and look at its delightful glow from a distance, loving it so deeply but never forgetting its power.

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