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Food and Eats » Sunscape, Food

written by owen, Wed, 02nd Nov

All you can eat buffet style food has its ups and downs but one thing is for certain is that you will almost never be hungry. Unless you have a infinite stomach. Taken at sunscape

not sure what this is at all

not sure what this is at all

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The Jamaica photo project » Sunscape Resort, Montego Bay Jamaica

written by owen, Tue, 01st Nov

An all inclusives are not really my thing but if you like food, beach, lazy streams, water slides and pools - lots of pools by the sea then you will be in for a treat. I never understood the appeal of having so many pools by the sea. All you can eat buffet style that hits more than it misses. I always tell people to take a little of everything but they do not listen.

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And the Sign Says.. » Boat names

written by owen, Tue, 01st Nov

finding good fonts is much harder than finding signs in jamaica


And the Sign Says.. » Nothing at all

written by owen, Mon, 31st Oct at 9:01 am

Some signs are just for decoration


The wheels project » Blue Bug, Cuba

written by owen, Sun, 23rd Oct at 7:44 pm

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