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Redefining Artificial Intelligence is the new hotness

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The random photo journal » More Cuba

written by owen, 28 days ago

You have got to remember to backup your files before your computer crashes out completely and you lose everything. So while I was doing that I have a fresh set of 2016 Cuba pictures that were left on the cutting board. Dont be surprised if I post a whole new set later. Everything is going to be fine.

Viva Cuba Libre

Viva Cuba Libre

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Music » Fresh Nov2017

written by owen, 30 days ago

Sometimes its a sad song. I have been lucky to get a bunch of CDs to borrow over the last week to accompany me on the long drives in Christmas traffic.

John Legend's "Gifted" from 2009 was good in the first part until a bunch a rappers came on and disrupted the flow of the whole CD but you can't go wrong with hits like "Used to Love U", and "Ordinary people". Probably my favourite off track is She Don't Have To Know. Seems Kanye's magic touch did wonders for this album.

I never really got into Alicia Keys "Unplugged" from 2005. I think she is obsessed with vocalizing instead of singing the songs. What makes it worse is this is a "Live" recording and falls into the RNB trap which it never manages to escape. Damion Marley comes on at the end with Welcome To Jamrock.


Professional programmers write tests

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Blog Jamaica » Hellshire, beach erosion Dec 2017

written by owen, Mon, 27th Nov

Since my last visit to the beach new structures have been built. I recently watched a reporter on television interview a meteorologist on whether the recent Montego Bay heavy rain event on Nov 22 2017 could be attributed to climate change. The question was skillfully curved. No one has all the data. I watched in awe as the same pointless question was asked over and over again expecting a different answer. Then it dawned on me; something I probably already knew. It is not that the climate is "changing" per se but that we as human beings (inhabitants of the environment) are remaining the same. Our new ability to shape the environment around us has lulled us into a state of complacency.

Paved streets become rivers, roof tops become water falls. Buildings become permanent wind blockers.

We are beginning to feel that the world is beholden to our constant whim and fancy. The climate "will" change as it always has but we are unable to adapt to these changes. The environment will do what it wants including changing slowly, suddenly, sporadically, or randomly in ways which are yet too complicated for us to predict. The real question is how long can/will we remain the same while everything around us changes?

It is apparent that we will do all that we can to maintain our current path and find ways to simplify complicated issues.

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