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2008 year in review

written by owen, 2008-Dec-24

Wow. 2008 Done already. Alot of good times and alot of wonderful friends, great posts, good photos, good music. Thank you for the memories. Special thanx to the people who made it a great year. I could go into making lists and charts of top stuff but I'm not going to. Happy holidays to you and yours. Don't make any resolutions you can't keep. Seeya next year.

Stuff that Happened

  • I spent most of the early part of the year coding the news section and learning about java and office politics.

  • Had one of the most annoying relationships ever.
  • My shiny new job broke up with me.
  • The total and utter failure of the Bodyshots category. Thats the last time I take spontaneous advice on categories.
  • I learnt a very important lesson about why you should talk to strangers.
  • Olympic Fever took over in August.
  • In february I watched people and ate bad chinese food from asians.
  • I got hooked on those african movies while flow tried to monpolize the country.

    In May went to see if I contracted something. No not that one, the other one.

  • I rejoined the workforce and then got financially harased by western union.
  • blank space. Which is not necessarily a bad thing, its just means that I wasn't a complete selfish douche, during that time.
  • In September my phone ran out of free space
  • blank space

I'll put in more as I remember them...

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Jamila commented: Happy Holidays, Owen!!! I hope I see you next year too [mocking] ... read 8 more

2007 year in review

written by owen, 2007-Dec-23

Wow. 2007 Done already. Alot of good times and alot of wonderful friends, great posts, good photos, good music. Thank you for the memories. Special thanx to the people who made it a great year. I could good in making lists and charts of top stuff but I'm not going to. Happy holidays to you and yours.

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bobby commented: WOW!!!!!!!!!!!! one more year and i am still here thats a damn good feelin... hey lets do it all again uh guys this has been fun ..HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!! to you all... yep it was a good year i say. ... read 5 more

October 2007

written by owen, 2007-Oct-30

Well what can I say this was one rainy month and it looks to end the same way that it begun with more ninja rain. Though at least it gives me a excuse break dress code and wear my reebuks to work - yay - the perfect mesh of functionality, design and comfort like a gift from God.

I only made 2 entries in the logbook this month, I've been sleeping and reading mapper/packer theory more than usual and the other post about how a muse inspires me. Watched a couple movies and posted up the reviews. A couple questions where posted as well especially the one about the lack of baby daddy pics on women's profiles which nobody seemed to be able to come up with a good answer.

Got a lucky pic while crossing traffic. I made it into a wallpaper.

Owentitist sounds like a rare desease that you get when you leave the mackerel in the can after you open it, wierd but nice try guys - I suggest we all get back to our day jobs now. I may have missed some stuff.

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Leon commented: Ninja rain? Please explain. Nice pic. It would indeed make a good wallpaper. ... read 13 more

pop culture

written by owen, 2003-Oct-29

I saw the palm tungsten t. Pretty but ridiculously expensive. I'm still steadfast that I won't be buying another piece of electronic equipment ever again. Though I sold my palm m100 today and have become subsiquently disorganised. At least I still have a television.
I have watched more hours of television than anybody in my household. It's my source of knowledge, my eye upon the world. Though I have no idea why christina aguleria has this obsession with grabbing he hair every minute. Swinging her hands all over the place like a monkey. THough it can be considered a good thing in certain circumstances. Britney featuring Madonna? wtf. Never though that'd happen but I have seen worst things happen in war torn Bagdad aka the new iraq.
Everybody you see on television is substancially rich. It does not surprice me any more. Either they are insanely rich or they are just absolutely richer than you are. Which clearly doesn't matter any how because usually it just a matter of substituting one set of problems for another. REality tv has it highs and it's lows. Head no good?

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no whyte flag

written by owen, 2003-Oct-27

While roaming through my inbox I saw this email;

Subject:         Possible interruption in website service
Date:        Fri, 24 Oct 2003 14:04:41 -0500

Dear member,

We would like to advise you of the possibility of an interruption in the service of the website sometime later today. This possibility, although slim, exists because of a pending solar blast from the sun expected to reach Earth at about 3 p.m. EDT and its effects could last 12 to 18 hours. The solar blast should affect neither the site nor its server directly, but could affect Satellites, pagers, cell phones, electrical grids and by extension some of the telecommunications infrastructure upon which the website and the Internet on a whole are dependent.

Please visit cnn report for more information on this topic.

Thanks for your continued support of the site,

The Support Team - Jamaica's Tech Portal

I found this quite funny. Considering that one hour before the world is about to end, I'm getting emails. Even with the possibility of cellphones going out of service and satellites falling from the sky. Of course I'm exaggerating it abit but it's still funny.

Current Music

Life for Rent by Dido

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Chris commented: Well it's better to have been warned and nothing happens rather than not being warned and something happens. Peace. ... read 10 more

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