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Using Tweeter in 2017

written by owen, 8 days ago read 5 times.

NewoSky Post-Mortem (programming)

written by owen, Fri, 29th Sep at 4:32 pm read 11 times.

ytvang commented: [!] what a september-surprise this release was to me. I love what this newo series means for the wonderful white box. ty [!] ... read 1 more

Procedural Generation (programming)

written by owen, Tue, 12th Sep read 22 times.

Writing new code so that you can write old code faster (programming)

written by owen, Tue, 18th Jul at 9:50 am read 6 times.

Scifi movies, AI, VR and pandering to layman

written by owen, Wed, 12th Jul read 5 times.

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