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Procedural Generation (programming)

written by owen, Tue, 12th Sep read 31 times.

And the Sign Says.. » Beef Suets

written by Anonymous, Thu, 07th Sep

whatever that is!


And the Sign Says.. » Donot sit

written by owen, Wed, 06th Sep

For display purposes only


Music » Summer CDs

written by owen, Tue, 29th Aug at 7:35 pm

I only got 5 new CDs this summer as they get harder and harder to find but any I got them cheap. Left of the middle is clearly the best of the bunch even though I had previously ran it into the ground many moons ago in mp3 format. Billy paul was not so bad along with Blue Magic.

The new kids on the block music did not age well at all.


Logbook » Bang bang bang

written by owen, Wed, 09th Aug

Everybody needs a hobby. In a world with so much to do its not surprising that people will gravitate to anything in order to past the time like a rouge asteroid flying through space only to become entangled by a star. We all need something to love. Most people do not even realise the hobby that they have and most other people could care less. Eventually everyone comes to terms with what is real as opposed to what they dream about or what they hope for.

The depth and circumference of our "worlds" vary from time to time just like our hobbies. Who can really know what you are thinking about right at this moment or tomorrow? Everyone spends thier time creating little worlds in which they live. Sometimes we exist in other people's worlds. Sometimes worlds spiral around each other in a delicate balance. Other times worlds collide and destroy each other forever.

It has all been done before - everything. The only thing you can hope to achieve is that knowledge that you had some fun. Because you never know. Tomorrow you might become a different person with different hobbies, living in a different world and the things you once hold dear will be gone away.

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