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The people project » On the water

written by owen, Tue, 17th Oct

My strategy is to go early and leave as soon as the crowd starts to arrive. Ocho Rios, Jamaica

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The Jamaica photo project » University Chapel, UWI Kingston

written by Anonymous, Sun, 15th Oct

Not the oldest and I guess it is a "chapel" and not really a church. They covered the stain glass window which made me sad.

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Food and Eats » Wedding Catered

written by owen, Fri, 13th Oct

If it was up to me I would rather to go straight chicken or straight fish, skip the soup/pot water and go right to the main course because you would have less chance of not getting what you want.

If you drop the soup you could bump me up for twice the cake. heh, formalities.

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Using Tweeter in 2017

written by owen, Wed, 11th Oct read 14 times.

NewoSky Post-Mortem (programming)

written by owen, Fri, 29th Sep read 19 times.

ytvang commented: [!] what a september-surprise this release was to me. I love what this newo series means for the wonderful white box. ty [!] ... read 1 more