Jamaica, December 2016 ( page 2 )

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Food and Eats » Soldanza Dasheen Chips

written by owen, 16 days ago

I am undecided on this one. I think the only appeal of this is the salt but you milage may vary. The plantain chips are still better.

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Low Life » National Gallery of Jamaica

written by owen, Tue, 29th Nov at 7:02 am

No description


Food and Eats » On the menu: Devon House ice cream

written by owen, Sun, 27th Nov at 6:15 pm

Besides the long lines the ice cream is still quite good.

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The random photo journal » Light reading

written by owen, Fri, 25th Nov at 2:23 pm

Saw this is someone's office and figured I will breeze through it during a slow day. Published in 1996 or there abouts

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Logbook » Redemption Song

written by owen, Tue, 22nd Nov at 9:15 am

Money comes and goes. Either you have it or you survive as best you can and as long as you can without it. There are not enough resources in the world to fulfill the wants, needs or desires of every single person. You are not special. If there are 10 people in the room 2 of them are likely to be murderers or thieves. We all just ants in an ant hill trying to survive until the sun explodes. Pride comes before the fall.

It is often hard to differentiate between what we need and what we want. Everything is a soup of data, monkeys and configuration. The things we want will cloud the things we need like musical ringtones when you call a phone - who needs to hear music while you wait someone to pick up? ANSWER THE PHONE! You are wasting my time.

I bought some airfilters online. It cost me the same amount in taxes just to clear it at customs though cheaper than buying a plane ticket and flying to England to get them myself. Everything is slowly moving towards choas - especially cars. Cars are like your favourite cheesecake - it goes bad look at it for too long BUT you will have none to eat later if you eat it too quickly. There is some median rate at which you should eat cheese cake and still be able to enjoy it but I have yet to discover it.

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