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And the Sign Says.. » LP AZAR

written by owen, 15 days ago

I went deep into the world of fabric and saw signs.


The wheels project » New Brake Pads

written by owen, 18 days ago

Finally managed to ship something into Jamaica that was below the 50USD duty free threshold. Too bad changing them did not get rid off the squealing sound, mechanic says I need to bed them in :(

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User Acceptance, Project Management, Evangelism and Bad Software (programming)

written by owen, 23 days ago read 20 times.

Office Space » March2017

written by owen, 25 days ago

Empty conference rooms, a/c cold on a hot day. greasing the gears of the economy


Logbook » Panda

written by owen, Thu, 23rd Feb

Lately I have tried but I have fallen into a group of people who have no opinions on anything at all. Idle chatter is the new hanging out on the corner. They never know what they are doing but know everything that they should have done had they had foresite enough to actually think about life in the present instead of going around talking in circles. Miss me wid dat.

In a world of limited reasources it all comes down to how much you are willing to sacrifice to get what you want. How deep are you willing to swim? The wars the you are willing to start in order to win the future and live forever. Why do you do it? Build a ship only to wreak it on the shore.

Its a wicked game. I have to be constantly aware that I do not know everything at every moment of the day. I might be forgetting to do something at this very moment as I type - the world may be on fire. Is this the way to love? But I must carry on, I must strive ever forward.

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