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Food and Eats » On the menu: Island Grill

written by owen, Sat, 18th Feb at 6:31 am

It is so hard to take pictures of these new fangled electronic menus. Not only are they animated and stuff but they reflect like a mirror.

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The random photo journal » Dirt Road

written by owen, Sat, 11th Feb at 7:35 pm

A housing development somewhere in helsire

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Logbook » O Sailor

written by owen, Tue, 31st Jan at 8:35 am

I often go back and listen to some of my favorite songs and try to hold the thoughts and times in my head concurrently. The happiness and sadness and wonder and mystery. All the love I had in my mind. I am a lucky man. It would be easy to try to go back to that place but I am old now. I must move ever forward. I embrace the memories like a old friend whos name I have long forgotten. Everyday is a winding road. We are truly lucky.

Young people tend to look at life as a destination - a point at which they reach happiness. But as I get older I see that you are never truly ready for happiness. Shadow boxing. Happiness happens. Everyday, all around you. Finding the happiness in every moment is the real challenge. You will see it if you stop chasing down the future. Be consistent, be focused and waste not.

My missing brother showed up last weekend back with his old routine. Some people cannot be saved. It is not about love. Well at least he is alive and apparently well. Everyone is looking for someone to save them - someone to make them happy but it has all been done before. I cannot save everyone, not even myself. You have to find your own way.

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Video Games » Persona 3 review. Loved it

written by owen, Sat, 28th Jan at 6:10 pm

Shin Megami Tensei: Persona3 was one of the first games I acquired with the PS2 I bought in 2010 (with 10 other games). I had never really heard of it before but reviews said it was an excellent RPG game. Five years later I can finally say that the reviews are correct.

I have many hobbies and video games are just one of them which is why it took me 5 years and over a hundred hours of gameplay time to reach to the end boss. And since I have multiple games playing at the same time I have to do a juggling act into order to experince as much of each of as I can before I die. Persona3 is a long game and different from the Final Fantasy games of which I am accustomed (FF3, FF8, FF9, FF10), it is more of time management game than a grind fest with a story.

While there is some grinding the game more revolves around the school life of the protagonist, making friends and forming relationships rather than finding the next bad boss to topple.

At the end of the day I give Persona3 very high ratings. The last boss is very difficult but the game is a very nice experiences for people who like JRPGs.

The good thing with playing old games is that you have money left over just buy other stuff; I finally get to dig into Persona4 which bought last year even before finishing Persona3.


Music » New CDs in 2016

written by owen, Sun, 22nd Jan at 7:15 pm

I made the mistake of letting my nephew buy me CDs when he traveled last year without giving him proper and specific requirements.

First rule is NEVER to a CD which is a mix, "best of" or greatest hits. The only greatest hits CD that I have is from Sade and recently from Tracy Chapman. They are are basically pointless and often have edited version of songs which are better left unedited. The Snoop Dogg CD (pictured) was the worst of bunch with a song called "Down for my Ns" which is hilarious to listen to in the clean version.

Of the 9 CDs he bought out of the bargin bin only the 4 on the left were even worth listening to. The Snoop dogg was awful and the Alicia Keys was the usual RNB stuff. I am not a fan of RNB but the Usher CD was pretty lit especiall the song little freak (the best beat). The Outkast CD had "Ms Jaskson" on it but I was hoping it was the one with "Hey Ya". The Outcast CD graphic was interesting to say the least.