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written by owen on 2003-Oct-29.

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I saw the palm tungsten t. Pretty but ridiculously expensive. I'm still steadfast that I won't be buying another piece of electronic equipment ever again. Though I sold my palm m100 today and have become subsiquently disorganised. At least I still have a television.
I have watched more hours of television than anybody in my household. It's my source of knowledge, my eye upon the world. Though I have no idea why christina aguleria has this obsession with grabbing he hair every minute. Swinging her hands all over the place like a monkey. THough it can be considered a good thing in certain circumstances. Britney featuring Madonna? wtf. Never though that'd happen but I have seen worst things happen in war torn Bagdad aka the new iraq.
Everybody you see on television is substancially rich. It does not surprice me any more. Either they are insanely rich or they are just absolutely richer than you are. Which clearly doesn't matter any how because usually it just a matter of substituting one set of problems for another. REality tv has it highs and it's lows. Head no good?

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