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Pimp Juice » Havana Club

written by owen, Fri, 23rd Sep at 7:30 am

Did I tell you how cheap liquor is in Cuba? Its the same price as water.


Blog Jamaica » In the shallow water, Little Dunns River

written by Anonymous, Tue, 20th Sep at 7:29 am

Last free beach in Ochi Rios. I think the only reason they have no sold this property yet is because it resides on steep slope and it is a very thin strip of land. Eitherway they will find some way to sell it.


Food and Eats » D'Giovanni Restaurante, Havana Cuba

written by owen, -5 hour ago

Italian food in Cuba

comment on this food

And the Sign Says.. » Signs of Ochi

written by owen, Fri, 16th Sep

I might have been spoilt by my trip to Cuba or that font thread but I have started to become annoyed with sign pollution. It seems like the sign makers or business owners just went wild in Ocho Rios trying to attract people to their businesses.


Learning to Code as a API-Platform trap

written by owen, Wed, 14th Sep read 347 times.