The Boy Next Door - Movie Review

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written by owen on 2015-Feb-11.

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There is not much I can say about this movie.

The tag line is "Her mistake. His obsession." Would be a better title for this movie which has been done a million times before. All this does not matter the audience get a few shots of Jlo and the boy next door.

It can best be described as a Lifetime Movie. Rating: 5/10 average lifetime movie.

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  1. I started the preview ... I didn't finish it. Totally agree with the lifetime movie category ..... actually the LMN is a bit better! :O

    by Ayo 2015-Mar-17 

  2. its all the same but its fun to hear the reactions of the audience while I giggle in side.

    by owen 2015-Mar-18 

  3. lol yes, I suppose that's the main big advantage of going to a theater for 'those kinds of movies' ..... that and the cheap popcorn! :)

    by Ayo 2015-Mar-18 

  4. I did not go there willingly, lol

    by owen 2015-Mar-18