Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit Movie Review

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written by owen on 2014-Jan-25.

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This movie seemed good at first but pretty much as soon as it starts it falls into the trap of the typical American action suspense nonsense thriller with army dudes chatting about their favorite football teams while flying ‎a helicopter over Afghanistan.   The bad guy is bad for no reason, somebody gets kidnapped and an international terrorist plan - years in the making is unraveled in 2 minutes by contacting dots in an epic monologue.   Everything comes together in a seamless blend of advertisements and stereotypical action sequences timed to perfection.

Nothing is ever really explained and the things that are explained are pointless establishing shots. Weird things happen that make you raise and eyebrow and then 10 minutes later you say to yourself; "oohh so that's why he killed that dude for a lamp bulb!". Nowadays I think movie writers are just thinking of new ways to fool people into watching the same movie.

Rated 6 out of 10. Skip it unless you want to spend an hour watching a pointless spy movie.‎

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