The November man - movie review

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posted by owen on 2014-Sep-7.

‎I am not even sure why I am sitting in the theater waiting for this movie to start. But since I am here I might as well watch it. I am sinking back into my old ways.‎ Sitting through 20 minutes of random advertisements. But that's the nature of everything nowadays; ads.

Smartphones, drones, car chases and lots of glass.‎ Its a spy movie with a little sex, assassinations, hired killers traveling commercial, and revenge - lots of revenge. Random computer technology that magically finds out anything, about anyone instantly.

November has everything you would want in a global spy movie with a mix of interconnected players and plots. I still think he made a good James bond. Skinny white girls, misdirection, it's all a tangled web of murder and mystery. I liked it, November was a pleasure to watch up and until the very end. No stupid open ended BS. It was worth the price of admission. You should see it in the theatre. 9.5 out of 10. Highly recommended. Must watch for spy/action movie fans.

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  1. Thanks for the heads up. I'ma go see it!

    by mad bull 2014-Sep-8