Think Like a Man Too Review

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posted by owen on 2014-Jun-30.

It was a really funny movie in a more natural way that than the previous movie I watched even though it had the same 4 actors. Totally getting tired of these comedians doing every black african american movie over and over and over again.

Anyway its a bachelor party movie but its more worth your time and money than Transformers 4.

8 out of 10. Not as hot as in the picture and there is no reason for Lala to be in this movie.

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  1. oh, that's Lala? I had no idea who that was.
    Also, I thought transformers was going to be a reboot. . .

    by Gods Child 2014-Jul-10 

  2. all remakes must die!

    by owen 2014-Jul-31 

  3. The actually made a sequel. Oh God, I guess staying away from the World really as a good idea..... Do they still mention (twice divorced "relationship expert" Steve Harvey's name every 0 sentences?)

    by satanforce 2014-Aug-17