The Mind is a Dangerous Place

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written by DLBG on 2013-Oct-10.

Im sure you have heard about people having phantom pregnancies or other illness based on mixed messages from the brain. Its quite odd that one part of the body controls everything else. Just like the boss I guess, pun intended. A pun is made to be implicit not read but really I just couldnt help myself. Now on the matter of the mind, the question is, is there a difference between the conscious and the sub-conscious? Does one feed the other and if so which one?

I recently found myself absolutely confused between the two. I felt my sub-conscious had mysteriously taken over my solid thinking conscious state which left it in a paralyzed state of yearning over cashier side chocolate. Whats odd is that the same chocolate thats been in the supermarket for years just started to look like a delicacy made by chocolate dreams. The mother of all chocolates just seems like it ought to be devoured, lol. Imagine that, and that I do.

So the real question is, to eat or not to eat, lol. That is the question. Now as a long time fan of chocolate, I know two things, it is an absolute treat, but being true to myself, if I eat it once, I wont stop until I have gorged myself and eaten the whole isle, chocolate out of stock! And I know I will be in a quandary with 10lbs gained which will take months to get rid of minutes of pleasure. But oh sometimes its worth it!

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  1. One can deny that which makes them human. Or enter a supermarket with no candy laden exits.

    by owen 2013-Oct-11 

  2. Why the hell would you enter a supermarket if it doesn't have candy laden exits?

    by ThatCreepyWhiteGuy 2013-Nov-25