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written by owen on 2013-Jul-14.

I have been slacking off on these entries for like 2 months now. Maybe I am getting old or I am slowly dieing from the aerosol that they spray in the airplane before every flight. I hold my breath so I can minimise the amount of nanobots that the NSA plants inside by brain to read my thoughts - they see me rollin, they hatin. I hope you all are happy now that you have put all your information into the facebook and twitter void because it makes everything easy now. All your base are belong to us. We have stars directing our faiths.

I have been reading alot into economics recently since I wanted to buy something and realised that I was poor and love is a battlefield. Reading a book with 340 pages is a daunting task for a someone who hasn't bought muchless read a book in 10 years. I could never afford to buy books in high school. I would go to this place they had when I was boy called a "Library" - they keep books there on shelves. You can take one of the books off a shelf and they also have chairs there for you to sit and read the words that are on the these things called pages. Some of these books have pictures in them too. My favourite books where Encyclopedias which came in sets of 27 - one for each letter of the alphabet. I love books, books don't need batteries. I hate batteries.

At the end of the day one has to know thyself. For in knowing thyself one will know the world. I just hope that it doesn't take too long. If I give random girl that walks by a box juice that I got for free at a meeting, what does that mean? How will the butterfly flap its wings?

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