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written by owen on 2013-Jan-27.

Sometimes I will be so stressed out that I almost get a headache from things I cannot control. Usually I take lots of naps to reset my brain when it becomes congested with too many questions. Simple things turn into 5 day fix-a-thons from hell. He said; "girl you better try to have fun no matter what you do", but he's a fool. Cause nothing compares.

So its another year. You either learn from your mistakes or you are doomed to repeat them. Least you can do is have a good time. Live fast die young. Shift gear automatic. Fly like paper.

What to do. What to do. I wonder what kinda problems monkeys have in the jungle. I doubt they are waiting for the winter to come around so that they can get the new playstation. Or the next season of a hit television show that had a cliff hanger ending.

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