Heads will roll

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written by owen on 2013-Jan-22.

You only have to spend a half an hour in front of the post office with pensioners before you get hungry and you have to move on the higher ground. Life is about knowing when is a good time to idle and when to just drink until you pass out.

If you ask the question; why is everyone here you might as well ask why you also here because all possible answers are equally valid. A better question to ask is whether there is a better place to be? If the answer is yes then why aren't you there? As a matter of fact why isn't everyone there?

Everything is clearer when you have a single goal in mind. Everything else is just passing time. If you ask me a question I will always have an answer. My brain goes tick tick. Its a curse and a blessing. I will only avoid the black hole of uncertainty if I see it coming towards me. Everything gets clear with time and effort.

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