Bad Girls

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written by owen on 2012-Dec-14.

Sometimes I wonder what life would like without car troubles. I bet the earth would be overrun by bicycles and monkeys. Monkeys that wear shoes. Live fast die young.

There is this new experience that I have had recently which involves sitting in a dark bus when someone pulls out a ipad. Its like someone is shining a flashlight into the corner of my eye at very close range. They flip through some old books that they want to read, bring up a random game before closing it when they release that they have seen it all before.

The difference between the things you have and the things in front of you is often a matter of taste and not necessarily a fact based in reality.

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  1. uhh? Im lost somewhere in there where there is difference.

    by Tami 2012-Dec-15 

  2. some times you will bias your own judgements.

    by owen 2012-Dec-26