Jolly Good Time

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written by owen on 2013-Sep-12.

As I sit in the cafeteria downtown I realize that my writing has gone down dramatically since I started bringing lunch to work. It is as if my writing is some how connected to my ability to sit in a public place with lots of noise and choas. Its been a long time. I have missed this feeling of desolation and resisting the urge to take out my camera and take pictures.

Youthman live up and make good use of your time. As I get older I get more and more aware of the injustices in this world. Many people have to die so that I can drink my orange juice out of a straw. I am a fish in a socioeconomic bowl. I am a cog in a gigantic pinwheel of life. Spinning around and around like a monkey on a threadmill. We are alone yet we are apart of a gigantic clusterfuck.

The older I get, the more aware I am of the things that annoy me like dominos tumbling down in a row. It makes no sense to wait for some future point to be happy. Monkeys rely on the strength of the group instead of wallowing in their own pool of shit. Some people are just better at somethings than others. Life is all about the journey. No use waiting because time moves on at a constant rate whether you having fun or u sitting on the wayside waiting for things to happen. Enjoy the ride and invite me along with you.

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