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On a good day ThatCreepyWhiteGuy is single, male child, gas station clerk, 33 years young, hangs around a place called "united states".

im 29 not 30


i live in an attic, watch a ton of porn, and listen to metal all day. im 7 feet tall, bald, and have a 2 foot long beard. i wiegh 213 pounds. i am the definition of creepy.


porn, gaming, metal, twinkies

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  1. i got kidnapped by a hot asian chick a few weeks ago. i woke up tied to her bed.

    by ThatCreepyWhiteGuy Sun, 11th Aug 2013 at 9:30 pm  

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Questions: What do you do on your day off from work?

Sit on the couch til my ass grows to it.

Questions: What is the colour of love?

I have decided that it is gold.

Questions: If you were a person of interest, what would your alias be?

I would change it back to Ian. If I stayed as Ermac, they would be able to identify me more easily.

Questions: Do you care about anything? what?

Twinkies and Mountain Dew.

Questions: What are your thoughts on dating the ex girl/boyfriend of a good friend?

What friends? I dont have any friends.

nothing here. press previous or check back later.