The Pursuit Of Happiness Review

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written by owen on 2007-Oct-21.

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A nice quiet movie about living on the edge, making ends meet and how to stay healthy in the city. Will Smith spends 70% of the movie running and finding ways of getting himself out of debt. No body dies, no gun fire, gets hit by a car, a couple funny moments. 8 of 10.

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  1. I saw it with my girlfriend. Nice movie.

    by Leon 2007-Oct-22 

  2. It was playing on a plane ride early this year.
    I didn't want to watch because it seemed like there would be some touching moments that would make me cry.

    by Gods Child 2007-Oct-24 

  3. wow

    by owen 2007-Oct-25 

  4. I was tired watching him run everywhere.

    by Cranky Putz 2007-Oct-25 

  5. I cried .... actually bawl        [cry] [hysterical]

    by bobby 2007-Oct-25 

  6. hi will,

    this movie is the best!!!OF course i know that it was inspired by a true story, but i think u r the best actor i never seen!!!

    love u

    ur fan

    by jami 2011-Jan-30