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written by owen on 2007-Mar-19.

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300 is everything the you'll expect, pretty graphics, awesome fight scenes, random unnecessary sex, and nudity. What they don't tell you in the trailers is that the movie has a very anti-climatic ending its hard to explain but you'll either forget about it or want your money back after you leave the theatre. All the wheat grass in the fields of Spartan will remind you of The Gladiator, probably too much. So its a story from a comic book. Its pretty, you can wait until it comes out on cable. The story is really simple and people shout alot, you should watch the movie for the action and the action alone. You'll be pissed at the end because of the lame ending but you will be happy with the blood and the gore and the gayness up until right before it ends.

So what is wrong with 300? Its a movie about 300 soldiers but most of the time you'll only see like 20. Regular normal people won't be affected by this but it pissed me the hell off. Its like my mind kept counting the guys on screen for some reason. Its really straight forward, most of the time with no background music which makes it really quiet.

I give it a 7 out of 10. Could have gotten a 8 but I'm never going to watch that movie again so it really doesn't matter. Wait till it comes out on cable.

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  1. Readers don't listen to this mad man the movie is great go and watch it in the Theatre it brought me back to primary school where i got my powers from watching a kickass kung fu. I felt invincible wanting to start a fight with anybody that breath and didnt say excuse i loved it and i bet anybody a $1000 that if u watch it you'll love it too.

    by willy 2007-Mar-19 

  2. hopefully you no get shatup with arrow [indifferent]

    by owen 2007-Mar-19 

  3. Yeah people
    Willy is right. That movie was awesome. The only thing I hated about it was some of the unnecessary sex and you will see what I mean. And anyway, who cares if you only see 20 of the soldiers fighting at any one time, they were damn fine soldiers. Abs for daaaaaays.

    by Gods Child 2007-Mar-19 

  4. Disappointing. It looked supercool. But what am I saying? I watch 99% of my movies on cable anyway!

    by Leon 2007-Mar-19 

  5. 300 was frikkin great. Bets movie in the longest while at Carib. Sound fx, content - frickin awesome. I give it a 9.5/10. ending sheg up, the shud be a sequel.

    by tami 2007-Mar-22 

  6. I have not read a word of this post and I won't until monday night!

    by Stunner 2007-Mar-24 

  7. I liked the movie... by the main fact the ending ended the way it was made it just a little more realistic. Then again what do u expect from a graphical novel adaptation??

    by Yatta 2007-Mar-25 

  8. people keep complaining about the ending. What do you not like about the ending? Did you want the movie to go on indefinitely with the Greeks trouncing the Persians, and then having their own internal issues, trying to form a nation and insulting Sparta soundly blah blah blah on into 2007 with their current secession problems? I mean, you do realize this is a true story, right? Or is it just you wanted to see more blood?

    by Gods Child 2007-Mar-26 

  9. shit the guy in Gladiator died in the end but nobody was crying - we were glad he died, HE DIED WITH PURPOSE! But in THIS case I'm like WTF? maybe the messenger guy should have killed his wife and kid. THEN the movie probably would have ended naturally and not is a stupidly sad kinda way. You obviously don't care for the wife and kids welfare. Were is the wife going to get her steam sex from now, huh? thats right nowhere.

    by owen 2007-Mar-26 

  10. I agree with owen, action only. It was not that great. If it was not for the 300 six packs and itty bitty shorts things baring all rolling over the damn hills....whew!....I'd want my money back!

    by Breakspeare 2007-Apr-24