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written by owen on 2005-Nov-17.

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The chat is now v3. Then arie spammed with another meme at me.

Summarise myself in one word

In my reality I'm the only person in Jamaica with that name. Anytime I meet another person with the same name I go balistic like that guy in Highlander. Owen Wilson is a sucky actor.

Summary of my website in one word

yes it looks like its spelt wrong but it isn't. I guess it exists to piss off the "Spelling Bee" finalists among us. An aroma od imperfection maybe. But I think it fits nicely between the information and the nonsense.

To conclude this ... "thing", I am gonna infect some other with this.
The "lucky" ones are who now must take up the task of answering (and spamming) are Stu,
AngryDog and Doctor D

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  1. thanks for not passing that shit to me. i don't need another meme now.

    by michael_halvorsen 2005-Nov-18 

  2. considering you condition I didn't think you could be use a keyboard are you on some sorta drugs? hows the pain?

    by owen 2005-Nov-18 

  3. I'm on a lot of drugs. I was on Percocet for two weeks. It's a terrible drug that is very addictive and habbit forming. It also doesn't allow for regular bowel movements, or any for that matter. So now I am on Darvocet. A less of a terrible drug that isn't quite as addictive, it also allows for regular bowel movements. I take 2 tablets every 4 hours. For most pain, you take 1 every 6 hours. So that tells you how the pain is.

    The other day my legs became numb while I was in a lecture hall sitting in a seat. So I'm getting that checked out. Having seven broken ribs, well, I can't even describe the pain. The pain pills barely take the edge off things. I am in so much pain its not even funny. But I am told I will heal over time and things will become better in the forseeable future.

    by michael_halvorsen 2005-Nov-19 

  4. I wonder what word describes my blog? Hmm...Randomadness! Well that's not an actual word but, it works for me.

    by Stunner 2005-Nov-19 

  5. @mh why go to school? take the semester off and chill out.

    @stunner making up words is totally acceptable

    by owen 2005-Nov-19