1. lack of education

    by DJ 2005-Oct-30 

  2. What happen if that person haves a good family loving parent who are supportive in every of his/her life they never need nothing thay the parents give love uncondinail love but they still do wrong

    by joedirt47 2013-Apr-01 

  3. Mostly a lack of education, secondary improper upbringing.

    But having a good education makes you able to make better decisions about things in life

    by Yamfoot 2005-Oct-30 

  4. And other things are forced of political environment, bad environment, and bad attitude.

    by someOne 2005-Oct-30 

  5. I am with someOne on the bad attitude. Lots of people grow up downtrodden and uneducated and manage to turn out to be honest, hardworking individuals.

    by Gods Child 2005-Oct-31 

  6. A series of Unfortunate events! (I've had some experience with this.)

    by LaLa 2006-Jun-07 

  7. Because they want too!

    by dingleberryo 2006-Nov-01 

  8. greed (and I agree wid LaLa that unfortunate events too)

    You could have the best job, top of the line upbringing and education, if you perceive what you have as not enough and want more yuh will do illegal tings fi get it.

    by Simplenigma 2006-Nov-04 

  9. Sometimes people are raised in a bad environment and are treated horribly, which leads to depression and that leads to frustration and revenge.

    by Chayser 2012-Aug-28 

  10. No?...
    I don't have to

    by Lol 2012-Sep-14