1. depends on the combat zone

    by nastro 2005-Oct-06 

  2. Ninjas ofcourse - Hands down

    by MiTcHiE 2005-Oct-06 

  3. Ninjas. No contest. Far better training, very sneaking, can fight much better...pirates couldn't stand a chance...especially digital pirates ^_^.

    by Nintendochad64 2005-Oct-06 

  4. But the ninja's first have to get into the ship, without being blow to bits by a huge broadside. If they do get on board the pirate ship without getting their remains splattered all over the Pacific (yarrgh) THEN they would win.

    by Hayo 2005-Oct-07 

  5. Ninjas win every time because real ninjas practice arts that hold true the idea that it is better not to fight at all and better to use your opponents strength to defeat him/her.
    Pirates are just soggy thieves and don't necessarily have fighting skills.

    by Gods Child 2005-Oct-07 

  6. Yall shouldn't forget pirates have mad rope/swinging skills. Sin Bad?

    by owen 2005-Oct-07 

  7. Ninjas arent detected until its too late, doesnt matter the opponent. Pirates are usually drunk thus putting them at a bigger disadvantage.

    by MiTcHiE 2005-Oct-07 

  8. The ninjas would win.

    by Mad Bull 2005-Oct-08 

  9. the ninja of course, they got why more fighting skills

    by cha 2005-Oct-08 

  10. most of you people watch too many karate movies. It's tainted your jugdement. Most of the ninja stuff is impossible.

    by owen 2005-Oct-09 

  11. Bull! Ninja martial arts is just a greater martial art skill!

    by ninjamaster 2009-Mar-09 

  12. whatever. ninjas would kick ass. pirates drink too much and would never even know what hit them

    by rai 2005-Oct-10 

  13. pirates

    by DJ 2005-Oct-30 

  14. Ninjas are like, totally cool, but if one of the pirates were Darth Vader, they'd get their little unenlightened butts force pushed back into the south pacific.

    by anonee mouse 2005-Nov-14 

  15. If I am honest I wouldn't stick around to find out, I'd just leg it!!!

    by Gracie 2006-Feb-20 

  16. @gracie so that means you are a pirate? ok

    by owen 2006-Feb-21 

  17. @Owen..............If you say so.

    by Gracie 2006-Feb-21 

  18. Pirate - ninjas just jump up and down and try to chop, pirates just shoot them.

    by OddOne 2006-Mar-02 

  19. totaly a pirate. they kick ninja ass. ilov pirates

    by pirate man 2006-Sep-29 

  20. ninjas. pirates are always drunk - theyd probably kill themselves.

    by me 2006-Sep-30 

  21. definatly a ninja. A pirate couldnt beat a ninja even if the ninja had the measles, mumps, chicken pox, AIDS, the Flu, and A.D.D. all at once and that would probably never happen

    by OBe 2006-Nov-02 

  22. A Pirate would win they Travel in fleets they have amazing skills with a sword.(Pirates only get drunk after a victory) a Ninja would lose in to days world because Pirates never stay in one place for to long. Pirates fight even after they lose a limb a ninja will kill them self after they receive a flesh wound.
    Ninjas have honor issues
    pirates have Mutinous problems

    by Jester 2006-Nov-05 

  23. ok thinking that both the ninja and the pirate are aware of the other then i pirate would win hands down. think about he has a bird on his shoulder and huge friggin arms with a sword or gun. plus if he doesnt get the bugger with the gun he has the cannon.

    by cory 2007-Jan-30 

  24. pirates kick ass and would win any day the ninja would just hide and when he came out he would get his brains blown out by a giantr canon and if the tried to get out into the ocean on a little boring boat the would esily die. on land they would stand a chance but the pirate would kill them with a sword it would be a good fight to watch but the pirate would win no question. that would be a perfect b attle movie with some hardcore music it would make so much money. so if steven speilbug is reading thisa make it a movie now and when it makes millions of dollars give thanks to the darkstar. if you dont i will cry sorr is this getting to long i will stop talking cause i bet im being really obnoxious and if your still reading this i bet you feel real stupid so i would just stop............ are yo still reading your a fat ass. go home to alabama you dunb red nech ..................................................................................its not over yet i have no life bye

    by darkstar 2007-Jul-22 

  25. Spartens kick both there asses

    by allstar22 2008-Apr-02